back up to summer fun (spons)

Summer?  Aren’t we in Winter?  Well, yes, but this video was shot in the end of Summer and it will be here before you can say, “defrost these toes”.  This is the final of the Kia Sorento series I did with my kids.  Saved the best for last.  I love this one. All of these were shot so nicely ( better than I do in my living room) and this one is Very true to life.  My kids love the beach, I have to haul it all, and I couldn’t live without my back up camera.  Once you go back up camera, you never go back.

“How did I back up before I had this?”  Especially being a parent I’m alway worried about something or someone  darting in the back of my car.

Okay, sit back, relax for a minute and see the warm breeze of summer.

Downton on FB: other people’s comedy

This is one of the most funny, clever parodies I’ve ever seen.  If you haven’t seen the 4th- or 5th, if you count the first two hour episode as two, of season 3 you will see a spoiler, but otherwise read on.  A riot. It’s from

Well done! Click HERE

I’m waiting for my DVDof season 3 to arrive and then I will probably shut myself up in my room like Nicolas Cage with a bottle and a hooker in Leaving Las Vegas.


The kid needs to go back in the picture

Long time cool momers will no doubt have noticed that Rex and Vivien are in less videos than they use to be.  That darn going to school thing is taking my talent away!  I recently wrote an email to a gal about an enrichment class for Vivien.  I was asking about times and the lady wrote back asking “Are you home schooling here?”  Either because she is hoping to fill the slots for that 11:00am class or I seemed  like a brave, intelligent person who could do that.  Not the case.  I’d love to have them around more and have them in more funny videos, but if my kids were home schooled by me it’s doubtful they would be walking upright.

So, here is a little visit with the children. We just caught up over the weekend.

Hanging in the parking lot (spon)

Yeah, time for another well produced branded video with me and my Kia Sorento ( that I don’t really own, but would love if I did).   It is nice to get to school early and get a parking space.  In this episode I am so early for pick up I get a lot of things done.  I think the only thing we missed was me holding a learning annex class in the back seat.

Maybe, ” Moms, how to make good use of your time”

What went on without me

I pride myself on being up on news and knowing pop culture, but this week that’s gone to seed. Instead this was a week I reorganized my files. Ah, what a feeling! Long overdue.

Having dinner with my mom and sisters last night. They knew every detail of the inauguration.

Chuck Schumer so happy, John Boehner so not.

“Did you hear Richard Blanco’s poem?” ( watch it here, quite good)

Me “no”  I missed everything. No school that day and I chose to sleep in.

“It was incredible.  So beautiful”

“I loved Medger Evers widow.  Wow, what a speaker.”

I had managed to catch Michele Obama’s ball gown when I was at the gym and liked it.

They went on.  “Do you think Beyonce lip synced?  I don’t think it matters.”
Hmm, I knew she was there, but that’s about it.

“I saw Bill Clinton looked healthy”  I contributed.

Then they started talking about Hillary Clinton testifying about Benghazi.  I did finally listen to a bit of it this morning, but they had watched the whole thing.

“She is exhausted and she is pissed.  I like her attitude.”  I had missed some good drama there.

“Hey, ” I said, ” what about Lance Armstrong on Oprah?  I saw some of that.”

The sisters snarled.  “He can go crawl in a hole.”

I will have to read a weekly digest of some sorts at some point. Just Vivien’s homework feels like a part time job. But, they should see how good my files look! Well, I’ll save that bit of news for our next dinner out!



Mean lunch lady needs a break

Inauguration! ( don’t like Michele’s new hair do)

MLK jr day!

No school!

I watched the first episode of Season 3 of Downton Abbey.  Disappointed.  Not as gripping and Lady Mary is becoming unlikable again.  Poor Mr. Bates.  When I told Mark season 3 is not as good.  He replied, “Does that mean we can have sex again?”

I’m so happy not to have the morning school rush.  I’m taking the kids to a friends pool.  The other day I was volunteering at Vivien’s school for lunch duty.  I put that fish net cap on and the power goes to my head.  I became the mean lunch lady.

kid “I don’t want salad”

me “You take the salad, you need to eat vegetables.”

After I had foisted salad on kids who no doubt chucked into the trash I was told if they take the fruit we don’t have to make them take the salad. But, I was mad to make some mark on these kids

kid “no salad, fruit”

me “Please?  Say thank you.”

The other moms looked scared of me.  Not sure.  We all had different native tongues so hard  to bond.

This recent mail I got didn’t improve my mood.

Are 40’s the new senior? Or is it the hair net?



look at that cargo space! (spon)

It’s time to check in with my idealized self.  The one that looks like me, does the chores I do, but has good make up, nice hair, and a clean, new car.   Another installment of the Kia Sorento series that my kids and I did.

This one concerns shopping with my little loves.  They love going grocery shopping with me.  I love going alone.  It’s like cooking with them.  Their help is work.  But, at least it’s been a couple of months since Rex had a full blown tantrum in the store.  But, then I probably caved and gave him some treat to avoid the scene.  Here is another way to get around the tantrum.  In addition, look at that cargo space!

grandma’s of bloggers

OH, wait, not grandma’s, mom’s of bloggers.  My grandmas long before the internet was  ready for prime time.   As I was poking around you tube for a video I was hunting I came across this archival gem.  It features my mom!  As well as the moms of my favorite blogger friends, Jessica Gottlieb, Heather Armstrong, and Rebecca Woolf.  I’ve met Rebecca’s mom and she is just as darling in person.  It doesn’t look like it has had many views so I thought I would give it another showing.

Best of all my mom is holding Rex when he was a baby.


Down on the town with Abbey

I had resolved to catch up with pop culture trends I have missed.  Thankfully, before I could watch the Twilight movies, Downton Abbey stole my heart.  It’s like they are trying trick us with a word that is so similar to downtown.   No Petula Clark, but lots of other Brits in an addictive show.  Here is my story…

(Um, this thumbnail looks like I’m smoking or kissing my fingers)