Cruel online week

In case we had forgotten the past week reminded us that there are evil people in the world.

Most people are not evil.  More people ran to help the wounded in Boston than set the bombs off.

Online though mean comments run rampant.  I just got one

You are not a cougar. You are an old incompetent wrinkly cat that has lived beyond its years. You are so disgusting that your husband looks suicidal in every one of his pictures. You are the type of person they pictured when they added instructions to a bar of soap. If human intellect was all the water in the world, you would be the single drop of sweat rolling down a fat man’s ass crack. Shut the fuck up.

Thanks Mom.

Really, since there are millions of site I don’t have to shut the fuck up, you kind person can go to another site.  Gwyneth Paltrow totally bugs me, but I wouldn’t go on her site and tell her.

Worse than being told I have wrinkles and husband would rather die than be with me. I have two friends whose children have died and at some point amidst the out pouring of loving messages on their blogs they have both gotten the MEANEST comments in a sense blaming them for their children’s passing or saying that their kids are in hell.

Clearly, that’s not someone who has a beer and an ax to grind but truly CRAZY.  Crazy and Evil.

Look, if you won’t go up to someone you see at Trader Joe’s and say it to their face don’t write it online.  I saw someone at TJ’s I have no love for, or she for me, but I just buried my head in the yogurt section till she had moved on.

Oh, but wait I forgot, I’m not CRAZY.  Just wrinkly.


8 thoughts on “Cruel online week

  1. Unhappy people, Daphne.

    Because happy people? Don’t talk that way.

    Happy people spread their love, humor, inspiration and make the world better.

    Like you do for me?

    ANd, just between us, that Mark looks pretty dang smiley in the pictures I’ve seen.

  2. Tragic. Tragic that someone as funny, intelligent, talented, charismatic and beautiful as you could be a target for sad and poisonous scum like that. Carry on spreading your goodness.

  3. oh, shucks. thanks. Frankly I was way more upset about my friend being left a hateful message after she had laid bare her grief. But, love the praise of course Beatrice!!

  4. Oh, lord — I’ve gone through phases with the trolls. They make you feel sort of creepy and queasy and then I get charged up not so much to challenge them but to put on my most condescending air and let it rip.

    Clearly this troll has never seen anything, and I’m here to attest to your online and virtual beauty, anyway.

    • OH, bless!! Ok, again, for those who don’t know Elizabeth writes beautifully about raising kids, one of whom is severely disabled. So, anyone who would write mean things to you goes in the crap/crazy category.

  5. You are not any of those nasty things that person said you were. You’re a lovely individual — kind, loving, funny, beautiful, caring, and much more. How dreadful that someone would write that about you and post it in a public place.

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