My famous forehead and ear

Hey I am heading out of trip right NOW.  But, wanted to share a few seconds of supportive fame from the recent election.

Local TV in LA would rather do a story on a murder, any murder, no matter where then spend much time on our exhausting long Mayors race.  They ask why people don’t vote? Sheesh.  So, here is one of the FEW news reports on Mayor Elect Garcetti’s first news conference. Well, done Dave Lopez of channel 2. You can see me behind him. I’m the blonde with bands squinting in the sun.  The lady with curly hair to my camera left the begining of the tape I met canvassing in South LA.  Okay, I got to finish packing.

Oh yeah, the rest of the video is vision for LA, blah, blah, oh, why didn’t bring I sunglasses?


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