I’m killing it here

I don’t usually brag about my parenting skills, but dang it, I think I’m being a very fun mom this summer.  Downside, there is little to no career development or my part time work getting done, I look like crap, but we have done: collages, tye dyed, gone to parks we don’t usually attend.  We have made cookies from scratch, had movie nights with my stove top pop corn.  We’ve gone to the beach and last week because of my big, little read blog I took my kids to a screening of “Smurfs 2”.   We went to my home land of Culver City on the grave of MGM studios, otherwise known as Sony.

We walked on the lot and over to the screening and party.   The kids happily climbed the Smurf mobile.

note: Rex made that shirt on one of our crafty days

I saw Brooke Burke.  She looked thin and chic, I had Fit Flops and a pony tail.  “Brooke, Daphne, Fashion Team”

"see you in a few years at Smurfs 2"

She had been on my show years before.  She was polite, but had no idea who was trying to say hi to her.  Then we went into the party part which was a tad crowded and had more fried food than I thought existed in LA county outside of the county fair.  There were fried mac and cheese balls.  Thankfully, both of my kids had no interest in that savory, though Viv did partake in other orange food while Rex wondered where the Smurfs were.  Once I got them seated ( stepped over some bodies) and they were drinking something blue  ( Smurfs, blue, get it?)  I saw that the there was some crafts to do.  I was secretly relieved that my kids had no interest in that either. A bunch of paint on my unstellar outfit, now how would that look?

As I walked herded  them toward the theater Rex started yelling “Papa Smurf”.  Step aside people, my son needs a picture.

yes, there was also blue frozen yogurt

We went into the screening room in the nick of time. We got good seats.  Some had to get on folding chairs.  The director and producer were there, which I thought sweet and showed that they get the influence of mom bloggers. I was on the aisle, so while the staff found some chairs for newcomers I gave the director the come hither with my chunky, rubber sandals and did an impromptu interview.  Raja Gosnell, kindly obliged.  My chief question, “How do you direct animation?”  I know I probably sounded like a rube asking that and not the savvy daughter of Culver City ( our motto is “Heart of Screenland”), but I did it anyway.

Raja: I direct the voice actors, “more angry, more sad, usual stuff. We also have live actors in the film, Neil Patrick Harris is in it you know?”  He was very nice, but might have thought, did you know not everyone in this movies is blue? (Nice he didn’t rejoin, “well, what the heck does a blogger do?”)

I was still thanking my lucky stars I had a real seat and had kind of forgotten about Dougie Howser turned celebrated all around great entertainer and out professional.  “Oh, yeah.” I nodded to the director.

Mr. Gosnell was very nice and I enjoyed our brief chat.  The producer was oddly sincere in his pre show remarks.  Having grown up here, most producers bug.  But, he seemed very pleased to have made a family film.  Sweet.

Vivien sat next to Brooke and didn’t remind her of our swimsuit segment from 4 years previous.  Maybe she didn’t want to bother Brooke, more likely it was because Vivien had no memory of the event.  I did, because I thought BB was very nice and the swimsuits for the little kids we were showing were way to “adult” for my taste.

wish we could have kept that cute frock

I clothe my daughter in swimsuits that look like WW1 is about to start.  No bikini’s for my lass.  So, I told Brooke she could take the suit home to her children.  Later, I found out the swimsuit “designer” asked for her suit back.  I was mortified. We all were.  All these little brands want to do is be able to say “so and so is wearing my stuff”.

wish we could have kept that pool. Vivien looks like she wants the ball

They pay for it. Here she could say BB’s daughter had her bikini and she asked for it back. Not done I tell you. I told the producer, Never use that “designer” again.  We didn’t.

Movie begins:  Loved it.  We all loved it.  My kids were enchanted.  I was engaged.  I like the blended family conflict in the  B story with the humans. I think those of us that are steps or people who are in adopted families will appreciate that part of the movie.  I’m sure this is not the kind of film that has critics raving. Screw them. It’s a good film for kids and the family.

Wouldn’t that be great if they used that quote in an ad?  “Screw them.  It’s a good film for kids and the family.”–coolmom.com

Next up, I’m planning some road trips.   OMG, I’m so fun.

Creepy dick cooties

It’s the season for it.. Weiner, Spitzer, Filner.

Anthony Weiner needs to drop out of the NYC Mayor race.  Yes, I’m sure he has been waiting for my call on this.  Eliot Spitzer is sort of bugging me too.

Now, I am an old ’90’s Clinton loving, just wash the dress and moe on kind of gal so why would I turn on these dudes?  Well, number one I’m more annoyed with Carlos Danger. As a hard core local volunteer I can’t see dragging my kids around to support a guy who tweets his hard ons. Clinton had already done things to make me like him, other than being a good liberal mouthpiece on MSNBC I don’t have a reason to rally to his defense.  Here are some other issues I have with Mr. Weiner:

1) not enough time.  Feed the starving, meditate, host basic cable news shows before you run for office again

2) stop dragging that nice lady into this. That’s your wife.  I use to see Huma when I was a Hillary volunteer.

a selfie with Huma to the right

She always seemed very serious, very pretty.  She wants her man to amount to something and you are lucky to have her.  Maybe make some private sector money for her.

4) Kids sexting is a problem and you are a bad example. If we tell our kids that sexting exploits them and can harm their chances of getting into college or a job, but we give you a pass and elect you mayor our argument falls flat.  You don’t need to wear a scarlet letter A, but you don’t need to lead the biggest city in the nation either.

5) I don’t believe you.  You lied when the news broke back two years ago, now it’s more half truths.

4) Maybe a vote, but no support. Having just knocked myself out, “Hi, Mayor Garcetti!”, for a mayoral candidate I know how a volunteer in a city election has to really vouch for that candidate.  I started to feel like an Amway salesperson.  Have  I asked Joe and Jane, my good friends who they are voting for?  Did I ask Mel? Oh, he lives in Santa Monica, forget it, I’ll see him after the election.  I think it’s terrible to ask people to disrupt their lives like that when you are not putting yourself to the highest of standards.  Look at San Diego!  They have that Sleeze ball Filner who needs to take the Tijuana Trolley out of that fine city.  His own fiancée is trashing the guy for being an old lech.  San Diego is a great place, but it has the same problems of homelessness, employment, development, schools that other places has.  It needs a person without chaos who can focus on the issues.  I think Weiner likes chaos. ( arm chair psych).

5) Elliot Spitzer controller?   Well, I do have a softer spot for him because I think he is very bright and I liked his politics and tenacity and facing down the fat cats.  But, he also liked cat houses, which is so stupid at his level of fame.  I have more room in my heart to forgive him that Carlos.  But, gee, that guy, whose name I don’t know, who was going to get that comptroller job, maybe he deserves it.  I don’t think Spitzer should run in the year of Weiner.  It gives him the creepy dick cooties even more than he already has.

I’m sure there are better candidates in NYC.  Not that I know that much about them.  I get most of my information from my phone.



Royal Baby and fingers

I am a Royal watcher and I was uninterested as soon as I heard “It’s a boy.”  I’m glad Kate and the baby are well, but this would have been the first future monarch of the UK that got the job regardless of genitalia.  That would have been cool. Then I had to make it all about me.   I had a very sad, sobering thought.  After Queen Elizabeth passes it is unlikely that I will ever see another Queen.  It was a rare mortality check.  I don’t like it.  I better go gaze at my British china collection to perk me up.

I agree with cynics that say, oh, enough about this rich, white baby already.  However, when I saw his little fingers moved I let out an “ahh”.  I felt that richness of seeing a newborn life.  How much my mom said she loved my fingers.  How I love my children’s fingers.  They look the same as the second they were born to me.  It made me think off all the babies born at any minute of anyplace who will not have the support that this baby has.  I thought of the terrible Nick Kristof story from Sunday of  a baby in Sudan being thrown by soliders.  The baby lived, but is not the same.  Or the many babies being held in refugee camps all over the world.  Or one born in America to a young mom who has no money and no resources.  So, yes, I delight in the little fingers, but I pray for the other babies.

On a lighter note:  How did they get such a closer picture this time?  When Princess Diana came out in her ’80’s tent dress holding William the camera wasn’t so up and close.  Yes, vividly remember that too.

So, they have named him.  George Alexander Louis.  Again I am disappointed.  I thought it would have been so cool if one of his middle names was Spencer.  As in Lady Diana Spencer.  I’m always thinking of the dead mom and all she is missing out on.  Like fingers.

who knew?

Who Knew?

That if your husband decides to clean out the garage it would take him two weeks and still not be done?

Who Knew that when he leaves out old stereo equipment and the DVD’s and VHS of your career there would be a freak July rainstorm and he didn’t think to cover these things?

Who Knew?

That the 140 times you thought, “I have to get those VHS transferd” would have been time wasted because now they are probably ruined.

Who Knew?

That you would want to force your kids to watch those tapes because this morning your 4 year old said that unlike Handy Manny “mommy, you and I don’t have a job”.

Who Knew?

I would tell my son that I do work, but “that my main job is taking care of you and Vivien.” Who Knew that would come as a surprise to me as I said it.

Who Knew that my house would end of up looking like the Clampetts.

No surgery facelift, say what?

Ah, the good old days.  My dear show “The Fashion Team”.  I just stumbled over this clip from my ( no cancelled) show.  This was fun to do and it’s impossible not to try it along with me.  Dare, you not too.  This nice gal Cynthia Rowland led my co host Lawrence Zarian, TV star and good sport,  Finola Hughes and myself through the magic of facial exercises.

from an unpaid politician to a paid one

A recent profile of California Lt. Governer Gavin Newsom tanned my hide.  In it he lamented that Governor Brown wouldn’t give him the time of day.  Newsom doesn’t have the influence he had hoped for.  Here is the Letter to the Editor that I wrote to the LA Times that they published today as the lead letter.

July 17, 2013

Re “For Gavin Newsom, it’s lonely just below the top,” Column One, July 15

With Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom having no influence on Jerry Brown, clearly our governor does not subscribe to Abraham Lincoln‘s “team of rivals” leadership style. So if Newsom feels he is powerless, I invite him to switch places with me.

I am a member of a neighborhood association and a board member of a neighborhood council. I lobby my local City Council member’s office and other departments regularly to try to improve the quality of life in my community.

Just as with Newsom, I get little response, but unlike him, I do not have a salary of $123,965 or a $1 million budget to pay my staff so I can be ready for TV appearances. I am a volunteer who is underemployed.

One must serve one’s community as a duty.

Daphne Brogdon

Los Angeles

I wrote that because it sounded better than “shut your pie hole, you cry baby.”  Lt. Governor is not a position that denotes wheeler and dealer.  However, here he is being driven around, he gets to be  a UC Regent, meets with people of influence while he also hosts a TV show.  Where do I sign up for that?

Oh, and he has a pension.

My guess is “his people” cringed when they saw this piece. I’m sure this wasn’t the aspects of Newsom they were hoping to highlight.




I just took the kids to a local amusement park, The Santa Monica Pier.  The kids love the rides.  I love seeing them happy.  But, the same thought goes through my head at this place and every other place full of humans in casual clothes in crowded places.

You people look awful

There is clearly a serious weight problem in America.  Check. I know, I’m not the first to note this.  Also,  I’m a big old fogey with my dislike of rampant tattoos. Anything intersting or meaningful has to be inked all over skin now.  Can’t we get to know each other and then I’ll learn of your love of oak trees, your uncle, your dead cat? How about scrapbooking? The other visual blight is  piercings that look like some food was stuck on someones face.  I almost handed a lady a napkin in line for the bumper cars till I realized that the dot of a food crumb above her lip was nailed into her flesh.

We are all slobs

Yes, it was hot, even a tad humid, which never brings out the best in humanity.   It certainly hasn’t brought out the best in our sartorial choices.  But, let’s start out with  things that don’t hug every hunk of bat fat, or back breasts as I recent’ heard them called.  Gent’s, you don’t need a tank that bares your clumps of back hair do you? I knew I was going to trash land so I chose a t shirtwith a drawing of  a mobile camper.  As if to say, yes, I look like trailer trash today.  I’m already judging myself.  I had trouser shorts, which are an appropriate length.  Unlikes some of the sausage thighs I saw with barely a fistful of material swathed around them.  With Rex in tow I’m assured There Will Be Spills.  Maybe even bodily fluids on my clothes by days end, thus breaking out anything beyond the Old Navy, TJ Max clearance rack pointless.

I plucked a happy birthday cone hat on my head while we were there.  Again, admitting, that good looks had not been achieved and if you can’t be handsome, be funny.  I also thought it would make it easier for my kids to find me if we were seperated.

Tennis shoes, sunglasses to hide lack facial flaws in over head sun. I give kudos who the mom who I saw who had a 3/4 billowy black sundress and large white sunhat.  Block of colors and covering any figure flaws while being comfortable.  Good job mom.

Maybe we should just wear costumes.

Bill Maher had a bit on his show a couple of years ago where he said if we get any more casual soon people who be walking around in diapers.  When I look better I do tend to feel better.  Dressed badly I feel every figure flaw.  I should follow these gals lead from 1960’s

Look how happy that they are dressed in cute day clothes.

I think a lot of people have the same one I have.  I have NICE clothes, dresses for work, blazers.  I have a bunch of crappy t shirts.     I think we need to work on the middle a tad more folks.  My husband did well today.  He had a Cuban style shirt over jeans.  I think that’s a nice medium look for a man.  Nothing hugging a gut.  I have a few casual Target dresses that are wash and wear and can accessorized up a bit in the medium category.  A button shirt over capris or shorts would work as well ( clearly capris bring joy)

In old pictures people looked better

So, when did the change come from people going out like this 

to this? 

The early ’70’s I think.  But, why with greater equality for women, all races and microwave ovens did we have to go to slobville?  Clothes are cheaper than ever.  Just because someone gave us a tank with a logo on it, doesn’t mean we have to wear it.

Oh, and how did my funny hat finder work?  Not well.  I lost Rex for a minute and when I found him crying a young gal covered in tattoos, pierced something, her guy friend, shirtless were trying to help him find his mom.  I know, scrappy slobs  can be very nice people.  I just wish we looked nicer.



hot lunch when you want a cold one

Been breaking out my kid’s packit’s for camp this week.  Yes, I did send Viv to a short camp.  Camp Daphne had too many battles over TV watching.

My commerical is running again.  No, I don’t get a cut of the bags, but I do like them.   I also love professional lighting.  Looks a tad better than my homemade vids.’

baby belly, who cares?

As I was going through the mountain of pitches I got in the last 2 months one jumped out at me.  It was from a company that has actress Ali Landry in their ads.  The pitch said “Ali Landry bares her baby bump”  My first thought, was who cares, Demi Moore beat her to the punch by about 20 years.  No offense to Ali Landry, she is a beautiful human and I’m sure very nice person.

can this thing sell cream or what?

My next thought was: That doesn’t take courage.  Courage is showing your belly AFTER the baby has vacated the belly.  One of my favorite sites for empowering woman about their bodies is Shape of a Mother.  No holds barred real women, real bodies, after real pregnancies ended and left destruction in their wake.

I could show you pictures of my pregnant belly all day long with pride.  My big belly had a purpose.  It was carrying life.  It radiated joy.  It was TAUT.  It ain’t taut now.  So, for the newbies to coolmom I show this reprieve of my ode to what happens to a woman, hey, maybe it just happened to short waisted, cheese loving, moderate exercising me.  It’s Muffinlicious.