baby belly, who cares?

As I was going through the mountain of pitches I got in the last 2 months one jumped out at me.  It was from a company that has actress Ali Landry in their ads.  The pitch said “Ali Landry bares her baby bump”  My first thought, was who cares, Demi Moore beat her to the punch by about 20 years.  No offense to Ali Landry, she is a beautiful human and I’m sure very nice person.

can this thing sell cream or what?

My next thought was: That doesn’t take courage.  Courage is showing your belly AFTER the baby has vacated the belly.  One of my favorite sites for empowering woman about their bodies is Shape of a Mother.  No holds barred real women, real bodies, after real pregnancies ended and left destruction in their wake.

I could show you pictures of my pregnant belly all day long with pride.  My big belly had a purpose.  It was carrying life.  It radiated joy.  It was TAUT.  It ain’t taut now.  So, for the newbies to coolmom I show this reprieve of my ode to what happens to a woman, hey, maybe it just happened to short waisted, cheese loving, moderate exercising me.  It’s Muffinlicious.


3 thoughts on “baby belly, who cares?

  1. Totes agree. I thought maybe Ali showed the after picture. YOU have courage and are as beautiful as ever! We both needed help back when we first met…haha. Here’s to figuring it all out…Cheers!

  2. This is fantastic and so true! I remember being told by a very good friend when I said, “I’ve never felt so fat and disgusting in my life” at about 7 months into my pregnancy: “Oh just wait till after the baby comes…” and she was so right. I thought she was crazy at the time. Love this!

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