I just took the kids to a local amusement park, The Santa Monica Pier.  The kids love the rides.  I love seeing them happy.  But, the same thought goes through my head at this place and every other place full of humans in casual clothes in crowded places.

You people look awful

There is clearly a serious weight problem in America.  Check. I know, I’m not the first to note this.  Also,  I’m a big old fogey with my dislike of rampant tattoos. Anything intersting or meaningful has to be inked all over skin now.  Can’t we get to know each other and then I’ll learn of your love of oak trees, your uncle, your dead cat? How about scrapbooking? The other visual blight is  piercings that look like some food was stuck on someones face.  I almost handed a lady a napkin in line for the bumper cars till I realized that the dot of a food crumb above her lip was nailed into her flesh.

We are all slobs

Yes, it was hot, even a tad humid, which never brings out the best in humanity.   It certainly hasn’t brought out the best in our sartorial choices.  But, let’s start out with  things that don’t hug every hunk of bat fat, or back breasts as I recent’ heard them called.  Gent’s, you don’t need a tank that bares your clumps of back hair do you? I knew I was going to trash land so I chose a t shirtwith a drawing of  a mobile camper.  As if to say, yes, I look like trailer trash today.  I’m already judging myself.  I had trouser shorts, which are an appropriate length.  Unlikes some of the sausage thighs I saw with barely a fistful of material swathed around them.  With Rex in tow I’m assured There Will Be Spills.  Maybe even bodily fluids on my clothes by days end, thus breaking out anything beyond the Old Navy, TJ Max clearance rack pointless.

I plucked a happy birthday cone hat on my head while we were there.  Again, admitting, that good looks had not been achieved and if you can’t be handsome, be funny.  I also thought it would make it easier for my kids to find me if we were seperated.

Tennis shoes, sunglasses to hide lack facial flaws in over head sun. I give kudos who the mom who I saw who had a 3/4 billowy black sundress and large white sunhat.  Block of colors and covering any figure flaws while being comfortable.  Good job mom.

Maybe we should just wear costumes.

Bill Maher had a bit on his show a couple of years ago where he said if we get any more casual soon people who be walking around in diapers.  When I look better I do tend to feel better.  Dressed badly I feel every figure flaw.  I should follow these gals lead from 1960’s

Look how happy that they are dressed in cute day clothes.

I think a lot of people have the same one I have.  I have NICE clothes, dresses for work, blazers.  I have a bunch of crappy t shirts.     I think we need to work on the middle a tad more folks.  My husband did well today.  He had a Cuban style shirt over jeans.  I think that’s a nice medium look for a man.  Nothing hugging a gut.  I have a few casual Target dresses that are wash and wear and can accessorized up a bit in the medium category.  A button shirt over capris or shorts would work as well ( clearly capris bring joy)

In old pictures people looked better

So, when did the change come from people going out like this 

to this? 

The early ’70’s I think.  But, why with greater equality for women, all races and microwave ovens did we have to go to slobville?  Clothes are cheaper than ever.  Just because someone gave us a tank with a logo on it, doesn’t mean we have to wear it.

Oh, and how did my funny hat finder work?  Not well.  I lost Rex for a minute and when I found him crying a young gal covered in tattoos, pierced something, her guy friend, shirtless were trying to help him find his mom.  I know, scrappy slobs  can be very nice people.  I just wish we looked nicer.



7 thoughts on “People,ugly

  1. I love when you come across old pics of people at Disneyland and the men have suits on! But your right Daph, it’s the middle that needs work.

  2. SO TRUE!

    Although I’m not one of those gals in full hair and makeup at Gold’s Gym, I even brush my hair and teeth and make sure all my jiggly bits are covered before I go to workout. I don’t get ‘people today’ … well, Americans anyway. Running to the store to get milk for your kid in pjs EARLY in the am or LATE in the pm, I give you a pass. In fact, if you have a newborn to 3 mo old at home, I give you a pass on most anything.

    Don’t you just feel better when you make some sort of effort?

    I have a yearly (job) function that I attend and it is the BEST people watching exercise in the world. We have completely let ourselves go! Oh, and living in CO, I have heard that we are one of fittest states but didn’t really sink in until a few years ago when we took our kiddo to Disney World. OH MY GOSH … the number of parents (both) with small children that had to ride those little disabled scooters around – blew my mind. 🙁


  3. Undoubtedly, people at or near the beach look worse. Thanks to you, Daphne, I’m noticing more how people look. I have to say that my friends, and they’re mostly in their 70’s, manage to dress quite well. When I walk around Palo Alto almost everyone looks pretty good, although very casual. I don’t know why. Maybe I should go to Mountain View and check them out!

  4. Of tattoos I’ve seen recently my response is “Wouldn’t a t-shirt have sufficed?” which is to say really that they have little meaning and so why does Sylvester the Cat need to be with you every waking and non-waking moment of the rest of your life?! Or SpongeBob or SpiderMan.

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