I care about Obamacare

I’d do a video about this, but I have a cold, dirty hair, no make up, pasty.   I look like a neighbor of Honey Boo-Boo’s. Rex and I are home sick today.  Nothing that we need a doctor for, but glad to know if we need one we can get one. Our family pays for it.  A lot.  Least we have it.

I would prefer a more European model– wait- rest of the entire world model– of cradle to grave coverage.  Would taxes go up, probably, but 1) the US middle class is STUCK.  Upward mobility is not what it use to be and people need to be covered. 2) let’s change resources from the military industrial complex.  I know, I’m a big hippie with big dreams. I also want people I don’t even know to have coverage.

But, I also hope for a day when bakeries in the US don’t put sugar sauce on everything and emphasize baked goods with cheese like they do in Europe. Hmm, cheese.

My finger is hovering over the keyboard to sign up because it will probably save us a few hundred a month.  Not a lot, but something.

I do not understand the Ted Cruz’s of this USA.  How are people suppose to get care?  Do they not know anyone who was ever denied coverage?  Its it just survival of the fittest for them?  I don’t get it.

Let’s join the rest of the world and give our citizens at least basic healthcare coverage. Let’s join the 20th century, a century late.

Oh, and let’s join the majority of the world and stop routinely circumcising baby boys.  But, that’s another post..

Cough, cough.

Hobo’s and random funny

some days I wish I was still regularly doing stand up.  One moment was yesterday as I heard a BBC anchor interview a guy about the America’s Cup race.

“Has yachting always been a rich man’s sport?”  Had a been mid drink I would have shot the liquid out of my nose.  What answer did he expect?

” No, in the 1890’s in reaction to the rigors of the industrial revolution workers collectives formed yachting co-ops.” Or

“At the height of the depression hobo’s would sometimes jump off a freight train and join their ranks on yacht’s near Nantucket.  Here is a picture of Joe Kennedy toasting his fellow sailor.  Yes, that one, the one without the shoes.”

“Wait, rich people have yachts?”  


I just did a vigorous work out class.  It occurred to me that it would be a lot easier just not to eat.


Rex was interviewed at school.   “My dad is a chef, my sister is Vivien.  I have no idea what my mother does.  My brother is in college.  He needs to find a job.”  The teachers typed it up and put it in a frame.  So now the whole school can see that I’m inconsequential and his brother is a lay about.

I have to start coaching him and ask for another interview.

” Cmon, Rex, let’s go over this again.  Mommy has been a TV Host for years.  Look here is a photo of when I had a billboard for a show I was on.” I need something to boost me up at drop off.  I can well imagine how this re-interview would go ,  ” My mom use be on a board.  She looks much better in full make up.”  Maybe I need to spice it up.  Something like this, “My mom is a rocket scientist and does EVERYTHING for me and my family. Her legs, did you see how good her legs are?”    As I looked at the frame today one of his teachers laughed,  “kids, they have no filter.”

Ha, ha, you want to hear what he says about you?

Be sure to tip your waitress


where are those darn glasses?

If you are North of 40 like me you are forever reaching for your glasses.  Well, a momperneur  sent me a pair of lookie lous reading glasses that are also a head band.   Every once in a while my “Please don’t send me things to review, I’m not coolmompicks.” breaks down and I’m charmed. In this case by a nice lady from Nashville who wants us to be able to find our glasses and be fashion forward.

I hate the glasses with the little nose things, like aviator style because I push them on my head and then get my full locks tangled in my reading tool.

So here it’s a head band.

One change I would make is the large type of the magnification on the side ( see pink letters).  Granted if you are dealing with people who don’t have great eyesight, but I’d like to keep that info on the downlow.

Here it’s glasses.

I mean business

They can be tinted.

Jackie Oh?

Which looks a tad severe and Bono like, although when reading on a lounge chair by a pool on my recent vacay they worked. Funny enough, Vivien LOVED them and took them from me for weeks.  She liked the head band part and then liked pretending to need glasses.  Rex took them from her and announced, “everything looks smeary!”

As my dad use to day, “young eyes.”




As if being in back to school re entry wasn’t bad enough, now my little guy is sick.  Get the bucket sick.  For two days!

He feels bad, and I didn’t sleep much.  A couple of times I was the bucket.  Good thing I had my hair up.

We are both toast.

I feel a little guilty enjoying his sweet constant cuddles when he is sick.  But, I hope this ends soon.  He is miserable.

News of the day on Mid Morning with Cool Mom and Rex

I don’t have to be on “The View” or “The Talk” to get into hot topics.     I do have the cutest sidekick in the biz who has great comic timing.  Rex and I shot this before I had my breakfast.  We had a lot to discuss.    I like to do a bit more old school talk show.  Mike Douglas, Dick Cavett, Merv Griffin.  They didn’t just have actors on but occasionally had on people with real thoughts and ideas.

I just wish I had a key light.

Family Road Trip

Okay, so here is magnum opus on my last hurrah of summer.  To some driving around in a mini van for two weeks with two small children might be hellish.  I was in heaven.  Did they listen when I tried to tell them the importance behind Bob Dylan’s “Shelter from the storm”?  No, but we bonded in other ways.  Most of it we did as three for the road, but Mark joined us 8 days in.

Being a mom of two littles is easier for me on the open road.  We aren’t chained to our screens.  Away from stressors.  That’s why they call it vacation.  Mountain of laundry

Dr. Dean Edell in retirement, an interview

A huge part of my life were the 6 and half years I spent as the producer of the Dr. Dean Edell radio show(’93 to ’99).  Dean brought me on as side kick, I had “Daphne’s corner” and even a theme song thanks to Amy Turner!  He and Jeff Fischgrund gave me my first ever TV job as his on screen “screener” for his TV show “Hey, Dr. Dean”.   So I would love the guy for the breaks he gave me, but I really love him because in the words of my mom  “he re-raised you.”  He has been an incredible mentor, friend, second dad. Whether listening to my drama unfold on some dating situation to career advice he was there for me.  I relied on him so much that when I gave notice, because I wanted to spread my wings creatively, do more TV, probably return home to LA ( we were in San Francisco) I gave him a years notice.

Now the syndicated radio show, the syndicated TV, the local TV are all behind him as he enjoys retirement with his wonderful wife Sharon.  My kids ( and Mark and I) love visiting them at their sprawling country spread in Mendocino.  We are as close as family, but as relaxed as friends.   On our most recent trip I said, “Hey, let’s do a video.”  You can hear the sounds of the country.  Dean said, “we could prop the camera up over there.”  But, someone volunteered to be the camera person.


I’m filled with joy that our friendship continues.

Building a dream house (spons)


For years I have been on the edge of buying Vivien a doll house.  I think they are so pretty.  They are usually pricey and that’s before you house all the miniature furnishings.  In the end, Vivien has saved me the money because when I ask her if she wants one she says no.  Okay, back to mommy’s retirement fund.

But, last spring when I was asked if I would take Viv to a Barbie Dream house event and that part of the pay for going would be a Dream house Vivien was jumping up and down.  Isn’t it a doll house? I guess not. It’s a dream house

I was in Spain that weekend, so my sister Cecily took her with Rex and my niece Lily.There were crafts. They got some good Barbie swag and Rex fell asleep on the grass.  Now, it’s months later.  Perhaps the house had been just a…a.. a dream?  But, we return from our most recent trip and what is waiting for us… wait for it… yes, the Dream House.  It’s a large box, but I easily took it upstairs to her room.

“Can we please put it together now mommy?”  She asked. Rex was equally excited.

“We just drove 7 hours, I haven’t had dinner, we’ve been gone for two weeks, I’m not touching that till I eat and sleep.”  Which I did.

It’s quite impressive. All furniture and fixtures included.    What we would call a “Santa Present”.  I noted that it’s close to her bday so she would think this was her big present from her parents. The next day when we tackled it there were some tears.  Mostly Rex’s as Vivien scolded him,  “No, it doesn’t go there.”    Stuff like that.  I took her aside.  “Viv, can you imagine for a minute if we came home and there was a big toy present waiting for Rex, just Rex.  Nothing for you.  And you only wanted to help him with his toy and when you did he yelled out you.  How would you feel?”  She got it and little brother was let back in the room. I was the general saying “we have to put it together in the sequence of the directions.”

We’ve snapped most of it together, though I will say that the elevator eludes me. There is a string / pulley thing. I so wish that my brother Jeff did not live in Australia.  He was working with pulleys before he could speak.  I’m thinking of standing on a street with a sign, “please put Barbie elevator together for me.  Will feed you.”

Note: the string in the middle, I got that far with the elevator

Even with non ADA compliancy Vivien does love her Dream house.

They are avail at Walmart (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $184.99) This is a sponsored post from One2One Network and Mattel. All opinions stated are my own.



crispy garbanzo bean snack

If you are like me you love throwing crispy, little greasy things in your mouth.

What shall I snack on today?

But, what if you’ve grown out of potato chips, pork rinds and want to wow your college educated friends?  I look to garbanzo beans.

They  are not great for carb counting, but they have fiber and protein.

Fry the bacon for son’s breakfast

Leave the bacon grease in the pan.  Take the garbanzo beans that you drained from the can.  Ideally, they have been left to dry out over night in the fridge.  Mix them in the bacon grease.

Yes, add some rosemary. In my case stolen from my neighbors yard.

Now that his bacon is consumed, Rex wants to help. We sprinkle kosher salt on the beans, grease and rosemary.

put in pan and bake for 20 min at 400 degrees.  Longer if they didn’t drain overnight.  But, watch them.  I can get cocky, leave them and they are charred nuggets.  

The kid loves them too!