Family Road Trip

Okay, so here is magnum opus on my last hurrah of summer.  To some driving around in a mini van for two weeks with two small children might be hellish.  I was in heaven.  Did they listen when I tried to tell them the importance behind Bob Dylan’s “Shelter from the storm”?  No, but we bonded in other ways.  Most of it we did as three for the road, but Mark joined us 8 days in.

Being a mom of two littles is easier for me on the open road.  We aren’t chained to our screens.  Away from stressors.  That’s why they call it vacation.  Mountain of laundry

7 thoughts on “Family Road Trip

  1. There’s nothing like a ROAD TRIP! Just went on one with my granddaughter, Kate, looking at colleges in the LA area. San Luis Obispo (NO), UC Santa Barbara (NO). We didn’t like the architecture. Pomona College (YES), USC (NO), Loyola Marymount (maybe YES), UCLA (YES). But the best part was driving together and looking for ice cream.

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