Daphne Dishes


I’m going to have my own show.

A show on Food Network

daphne dishes

Recipe testers, Rex, Vivien and family friend Judah. All who make cameos in the show.

I know!!


daphne dishes

Vivien helping me get camera ready. Sitting in chair bought for me by Richard Hart, my first National TV co host.

This has been in the works for about 4 years.  From the first call from Food Network till now.  Thanks to the mom blog world that helped birth  co creations Momversation, Coolmom and made it possible that my friends and family no longer had to truck out to a crappy black box theater with a leaky toilet to watch me perform. In early 2008 they could stay home sit on their own leaky toilet and watch me perform online.

I’ve hosted a lot of shows since 1996, but nothing is as challenging as hosting a food show.  Well, live red carpet is no picnic either, but this was a big challenge for me because I can talk to camera.  I can be funny.  I can cook. But, all at the same time while SMILING, that’s a hat trick.  I worked on about 15 recipes for the the show.  Some I mastered after a bout 4 or 5 tries.  Others I made so much I thought I would never eat them again.  I developed a brownie recipe from scratch.  Mark said I was nuts to do that.  “Start with a known recipe and tweak it and make your changes from there.”  But, in the end it turned out. Though I did gain 5 pounds in the prep and shooting of the show.  I had to make sure they all tasted good!

concentric gang on daphne dishes

So, it starts Sunday January 4th at noon.  It’s just 6 episodes and if it does any numbers we can hopefully make more, so I really need any support you can give it.  I need the eyeballs.  There are good recipes in it, some helpful hints, cute shots of my kids.

Remember, by supporting this new venture, you don’t have to leave your house!



13 thoughts on “Daphne Dishes

    • thank you! You have always been so supportive. Well tweet it up when it airs. Use the hashtag #daphnedishes. You are better at making connections than I , so whatever you think of ! xo

  1. Congrats!
    I will definitely watch it. I like food Network and I like your blog/vlog. My mom watches Food Network also. I will tell her to tune in.

  2. FABULOUS!!!! Finally!!!! You more than deserve this. We don’t get the food network in Austria. Will it be online???? Will you still have COOLMOM???? Still my favourite blog, can’t imagine it not carrying on.
    Congratulations again.

  3. Oh Beatrice, I couldn’t leave YOU! Yes, I’m here. It’s only 6 episodes at this point, so not life changing. Hope for more. I don’t know about online. I’ll find out thank you

  4. How wonderful, cant wait to see it! Will it be called Daphne Dishes? I will have to figure out which channel is Food Network and start watching! An excuse to turn off the snarky Disney shows is always welcome too so thanks for that..

  5. I’ve watched both episodes of your show and I loved them! The ultimate compliment I can give you is that I now set a reminder on my On Demand thingie so I don’t miss the next episode. You’re fun and funny and you cook great stuff, so what’s not to like? Best of luck – I hope this doesn’t stop with just 6 episodes.

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