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When I don’t want my kids to watch anymore sassy, put down Disney shows I redirect them to a movie. I saw lots of films growing up that would be good for them, right? Maybe not. “Back to the Future” seems like a family film. Till you watch it and count the S bombs that get dropped. So does our youth cinema watching brain jibe with our older parent watching brain?

Is it because I was actually older when I watched the films?  Probably.  But, sensibilities can be different.  So which films that I thought would be good for kids were and which weren’t.

Which old chestnuts have you shown your kids?  Which laid an egg and which ones landed?

8 thoughts on “Movies for kids

  1. Oh god, this is why my kids still haven’t found about TV yet…. I’m probably creating future addicts, like that post you did a while back on the kid who was denied sugar or something and got into the cough sweets….

  2. My daughter went through a mermaid phase so I thought I would show her “Splash” which I remembered as a charming little comedy. She hated it and so did I! That is not a movie that has aged well. The only still funny part was John Candy playing the randy brother! Oh well!

  3. Bad News Bears…. sooooo good to watch as a kid. horrifying as a parent! (but, i still love that movie) I think some of the not-kid-appropriate stuff that we don’t remember is because we didn’t get it, so it’s likely that our kiddos won’t either (like all the double entendre in Shrek).

    The Witch Mountain movies were also a big hit with my now-15 yr old when she was 8/9 yrs old. 🙂

  4. Wendy, I loved Bad News Bears as well. but, I was a rowdy little “70’s kid. I know there is a lot of swearing. I’m holding off on that one. But, I agree some stuff flies over their head. Also, the editing is quicker now so films of our youth seem glacial.

  5. Lol my teenagers say anything prior to 1997 is “crap”!! I watched Weird
    Science and Ferris Beuller and apparently I’m “weird” for liking it. They did appreciate Shawshank Redemption tho.

  6. How could you of all people not remember the inappropriateness of Clueless?! Ha! I remember watching that with you in my SF apartment – believe you knew one of the characters quite well….:-)

    Thanks to you we have enjoyed Escape to Witch Mountain multiple times after you sent it to help my spine surgery recovery go better. It is Ava’s absolutely favorite. Here is another one that has held up: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Lots of fun. Plus obvious classics like Sound of Music. What giant miss was Gremlins which scared the living bejesus out of her- I swear I looked over and she was white as a ghost; I pressed Stop and tossed it out. However, even with the sexist messaging we have enjoyed Grease quite a few times. Much like when we were young, the music is what resonates- she doesn’t pay enough attention to the rest- and we sing Grease Lightening as part of our tooth brushing each night – I sing and and hums a certain number of choruses and that’s how we know if she has brushed long enough.

    Thanks for the heads up on the others though and as always for the belly laughs. Died when you mimicked the “special effects” of Witch Mountain. Frankly that is exactly what it looked like!! Lol

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