Inauguration… it’s coming

Being a Pro Hillary, Non Trump person I have felt kind of like the Grinch.  We take the trappings of Christmas away and Christmas comes anyway.

It comes without mandate!

It comes without civility

It comes without logic, equality and voting rights!

It comes with Putin, voter suppression, the FBI meddling and Newt!

But, it comes nonethless.

inaugural protestMy kids were making fun of Donald Trump before I barely noticed him as a viable candidate.  The kids got it first.  He was a big presence.  They don’t like him and I say, you guys I’ve lived a lot longer than you all and I’m telling you, this is NOT the kind of person we have as a president.  People usually at least try to be gentleman and mend fences.  Not here.

So, as I prepare to March Saturday  ( I hope to get some protesting in Friday too, but I have to work, so you know work/life/protest balance) I keep thinking, what is on my sign?

There is the I can’t accept you dude genre:  “Repeal and Replace Donald Trump”  Which is kind a cool because it sticks up for ACA too.  Or “I’m not with him”.   But, since he is in, I’m not sure that strikes the right tone.

There are the single issue signs.  Several protest Friday in LA focus on Immigration rights and protecting the Dreamers.  So many good causes to champion in the age of Trump. Protecting the climate ( 2016 was THE hottest year on record  Don), Health care, funding for education, housing, safeguarding financial system, etc, etc.  As long as no on is threatening harm to a human I’m down with whatever sign.

As a woman I certainly do NOT feel represented and was looking forward to seeing someone who looked like me as POTUS.  Who had to get her clothes ready for work and give her child attention while she had cramps and nag her husband to help her unload the dishwasher.  Who had been a solid professional, but had men look at each other in a meeting while was ignored.    Who was shushed so a man could be heard.  I’m very sad at the large amount of white woman who did not vote for Hillary.  “Something about her I don’t like”.  Was John Kerry or Al Gore the kings of personality?  Did they always ring authentic? No, but I supported them because their policies more closely aligned with me.  Sadly a confluence of internalized misogyny and lure of celebratory and lack of critical thinking won the day.  So, that woman will not take the oath.

So, I keep thinking.. when the whoos down in whoo ville circle up, what do I want them to see on my sign?  ( not that many will see it, but go with me)

Some say, don’t go too negative.  Trump will just dismiss critics. Maybe true, but I also need to do this for my own self expression.  So, I’m going to have a two sided signs.  One is a suggestion for how I think our future POTUS should act and one is a cause that I would like us to unify around.

One side was a friend of friends idea:  “We need a leader, not a tweeter”.  His assault on our psyche with that nonsense needs to stop.  Most of us plebs tweet and blog because we have no platform otherwise.  This guy is the most famous dude in the world.  Why is acting like a teenager?  What no snap chat?

The other is to support the first thing I ever marched for as a kid: ERA.  The Equal Rights Amendment.  It never passed.  That’s right.  It is NOT in our constitution that women are equal.  So, I think I’ll throw on my “Don’t blame me, I voted for her” T-shirt and hold up my sign. There is a great article HERE that holds out hope that sometimes the leader you think is your worst enemy can surprise you.

The best thing I can say about him now is I hope he surprises me.  I hope you acts more inclusive, rational.  But, I doubt it.



7 thoughts on “Inauguration… it’s coming

  1. Hi Daphne – I think you’re awesome and funny, and I miss Daphne Dishes. These people don’t know what they’re thinking by not renewing you. I know I’m coming in late to the picture, but something while surfing the Internet reminded me that you weren’t around anymore, so I looked for you.
    I’ll be brief because I’m at work, but once again a beloved chef/celeb/entertainer has to go political. Yes, you have a right to voice your opinion, but there are SO MANY conservative women out there that you alienate with your rhetoric….don’t you care? Maybe that’s why your last post seems to be from 2017, I don’t know. You were always, to me, a force to be reckoned with, with your combination of cooking smarts, comedy and looks…where else do we have that? It was a helluva niche we needed filled. You put down conservative woman as not really smart, and that’s offensive. It’s 50% of the population whether the liberals like it or not. So yes, I’m disappointed in you. I know you’ll still sleep tonight, but I myself wanted to express myself as you did.
    I’m still going to follow you because you’re funny as hell the rest of the time and I like the things you cook…I even cooked one or 2 dishes from your show and they turned out great. You’re a great blogger too…I swear, some of the things you say are brilliant. I’ll have to ignore the political stuff for my own sanity, because Trump is the man, in my book. I’m a big girl though, I’ve been taking the abuse on a daily basis since 2015.
    All the best to you,
    Kathy S.

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