A tale of two remotes

The age old question, where is the remote?  Eventually we all find it, behind a cushion, under the sofa, out back in some mud.  But, last week we gave up.  This time the remote had had enough of our abuse, dropping, buttery fingers and put a nap sack over it’s shoulders and hit the rails.

We have a 2 story house.  One big TV upstairs, one down stairs.  The days of my kids watching the same thing are rare.  But, not such a big deal because between homework, after school stuff and the random laptop we got by.  Until today….

Both kids home sick.  Vivien upstairs, Rex downstairs.  After I made the jell-o ( Cherry only and non of that sugar free yucky stuff) I got my exercise in as I shuttled the ONE remote up and down.  “My show is done, I need the remote Rex” Vivien called.

Up I went, Down I went

“I don’t like this show” Rex said.  Up I went, down I went.

Cody is overjoyed to greet the new remote

Then the mail came.  Today’s Daphne thanked Daphne of last week.  Because I ordered a replacement remote!  It had arrived.  Batteries in.  Now, I’m just sitting on my tushy till I’m called for the next round of jell-o

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