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Headshot-Final-RetouchCool Mom.com is the comedic brain ooze  of Daphne Brogdon, TV host, standup comic, wife of chef and mom-of-two  and  step mom.  Started primarily as a site for comedic videos for moms.  Blogs grew along the way.  It’s not just about parenting per say, but  also humorous slants at  politics, pop culture and palate.

Cool Mom is a place where moms & dads can share a laugh over situations and stories that they can relate to. If you are new to this site watch these faves:1 or 2 or the two that tied for the Coolio award last year Rex’s wallet service and Just one.



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Created by: Daphne Brogdon

Daphne Brogdon - host of MomBrain.tv

Daphne can be seen cooking up her own take on food and humor on the Food Network show “Daphne Dishes” – check out the recipes at http://www.foodnetwork.com/daphnedishes

She  has appeared on numerous television series, she has hosted “The X show” on FX, “Perfect Partner” on Discovery and “The Fashion Team” on TV Guide and various other basic cable shows.  Since creating coolmom.com she has been on Dr. Phil, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN Headline, MSNBC, the Wendy Williams show. She has contributed to Pregnancy Magazine and Star Magazine.  She worked in radio for many years most notably as the producer and side kick for “The Dr. Dean Edell Show.”  She is mom to daughter Vivien and son Rex, and stepmom to her chef-husband Mark Peel‘s three kids.  Like Coolmom on Facebook

37 thoughts on “what’s this site about?

  1. Hi Daphne! I just stumbled across your stuff this week, by clicking on the muffintop video you made that I found thru Shannon Bradley-Colleary on the huffpost, where I write. I love love love it! Today, when I looked at your site for the first time, I saw the scarf thing and cracked up. Great minds think alike, since that was sort of like my latest post… which is the better accessory, a scarf or a husband? I’d like to post your video on fb. Bu, alas, I don’t know how. 😉
    Anyway, nice chatting with you. Keep up the funny. Julie

    • Thank you so much. I will check you out. Click on “moms with scarves” and it will go to the you tube. either copy and paste the url or hit “share” and it will be easy. please share away!

  2. Hello..I saw the Ricki Lake show and I was sooo pleased to see that i’m not the only one losing my mind.(lmao). I was a very young teen mom and now i have a toddler (3yr. old…along w/ 10 yr old) and I really enjoyed hearing stories of mom’s losing their temper and knowing I’m not alone…ie:popping eye blood vessels..just trying to get kids to bed…and hearing mom’s dirty confessions on the show really helped me to just try and have other mom’s to talk to helps soo much…Thanks again!

  3. Hi
    I am sending you a piece of mine that is running online in The Washington Post – A Good Enough Life – it’s an adaptation of a lecture I gave at St. Mary’s College called Notes to My Daughter: On being a Woman. Here’s the link — http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/why-women-should-embrace-a-good-enough-life/2013/04/18/4b2b086c-a5db-11e2-a8e2-5b98cb59187f_story.html

    I have been blown away in the last day by the deluge of emotional responses I have been getting from women and men – who are struggling to get the balance right. I know you write thoughtfully about women and families and I thought you might like it.

    A bit about me: I’m a writer (author of Divided Lives, former staff writer New Yorker Magazine and Washington Post) and mother, wife – and everything maker…..

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  5. OUTSTANDING show yesterday (Sun. 1/4)! Seriously, I had never heard of you.
    Happy that now I have! I will be watching for more more more. You and Jeff Mauro and Guy Fieri really are the only ones who bring humor to the plate.
    Good luck!

  6. Daphne- We really enjoyed your first show! As a busy mom of 3, watching cooking shows is my guilty pleasure, but my kids often want me to “hurry up” so they can watch their shows. However, your show got their attention too and I could watch the whole thing uninterrupted! I can’t wait to try the recipes. However, our biggest question is…what kind of dog do you have? He was so cute! I’d love to know what breed that is, as we are thinking of getting a dog soon and want to add that breed to our list of possibilities. Thanks again for the great recipes and humor. We look forward to future episodes.

  7. Hello ,

    My name is June. I was just wondering if you are willing to accept sponsored posts.

    It’s for a wall sticker online shop, so it would be a perfect fit for your website.

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  8. Kristen, thank you for your videos. You are an inisaritpon for me to live better, love my kids more, try just a little harder.I followed you last year when you became homeless but I had no idea that you were so you hid it well I had just moved into a town home with room and could have shared what extra I had with you. I see your success by the look on your children when you are with them. They never looked like they were missing anything. Take care and know that people do look up to you.Bill

  9. Hi – I sure hope the reason you haven’t put up a new blog in a long time is because you’re crazy busy working on your show?? Has it been picked up?? I sure hope so.


  10. I’m so sorry to get this news. I just loved your show. There are so few I watch now. Basically Trisha, Pioneer Woman and Chopped that I’m really going to miss you. I can’t believe there wasn’t someone else they could move out instead of you. Hopefully you’ll be back and I’ll still be able to enjoy keeping up with you on this blog.

  11. Pourquoi avez-vous acheté alors? Sans apport! Des sommes mirobolantes…C’est etrange cette obsession de la propriété Ce qu’on nous a rabacher toute notre vie n’etait peut etre qu’un mirage. On n’a pas besoin d etre proprietaire pour avoir reussi sa vie. On peut aussi etre heureux en étant locataire.

  12. I just LOVE your show! I wish new episodes were coming? I have DVR’d all the episodes and will definitely keep all of them! You are absolutely hilarious and I have made SO many of your dishes with great results! I wish you would do a cookbook!

  13. Peter, I actually read a rumour the other day that Vogue US might be digitizing many of their back issues. I hope that it's actually true, because that is one site I would actually pay for.I am loving these Vogue Paris issues. I think that their covers are my favourite vintage ones as well. Keep up the good work.

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  15. The Democrats have won because they have replaced the whites since 1965. Browns and Blacks especially but also Yellows are entering the USA as legal immigrants to the tune of 1,200,000 each year. Add to that the tens and tens of thousands of Africans and other third world low IQ non-whites being brought into the country by Catholic Charities and the like NGOs. Then add the illegal alien influx.The Democrats are well on their way to victory.Dan Kurt

  16. Hi
    I am looking to contact Dr Dean Edell. My name is Linda Ciarimboli and I purchased the house at 4001 alzada where Dean used to live. I still get mail here addressed to his radio network.
    I am curious about a few things here with utilities at the ranch and would love to hear any history he has about the place since 1877.

    I currently run an organic goat dairy here and grow exotic fruit trees.

    Please forward my info to dr Edell

    Thank you
    Linda ciarimboli

  17. I have just written a new book and my editor that I’m using referred me to your site to possibly be a guest blogger? My new site is cjalward.com, my blog is titled ‘Baby, you’re a Firework’ and the first blog is titled ‘Lost and Found’. Please let me know if this might be a possibility? Thank you so much, Cathy Alward. 949-292-8585

  18. – REMOVE my previous comments on this site ????? It is now appearing on the internet under my web search/. WHAT???? I CANNOT contact you to remove it. PLEASE google cjalward.com and you will see it – why can’t I get a message to you?? Please help me with this – (I thought I was sending you a personal message asking about posting a blog – ). Help Daphne ? 🙂 Cathy. 949-292-8585

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