Lockdown! The show

Hey gang!  On the advice of my new producer ( my 14 year old) I need to post longer videos and once a week.  I don’t need to worry about production value since some of the biggest youtubers vids look super janky.   ( my words.

So, here is my late night show… Lockdown.

Lyogging ( a new word)


So the good news is the pain I had last week in my throat has abated considerablly, the bad news is I have mono.  Doctor says I’ll be fatigued for about a month.  I’m already tired, but now above the motherhood reason.  So I wanted to blog, but I need to go to bed.  So, thus Lyogging is born.  Lying down and blogging.


motherHere is the kind of crack analysis I’m doing from home right now. (you hit the “here” word)

So, Mono is passed through saliva, kissing, sharing utensils, cups, etc.  Here is where I think I got it… I was slaving away at the school fundraiser, auction, hoopla.  I find it kind of miserable.  There was almost no food and I had to do the live auction portion where no one was listening to me so I shamed friends from the stage into listening, “Phyllis, Phyllis I see you!”  It wasn’t really their fault as it was bad acoustics, but I was going to hell and taking everyone with me.  So, I was thirsty and traumatized.  A couple of times I grabbed some bottles of water and I was pretty sure they were not MY waters, but I was wiped.  So, it could have happened there.  Or maybe some barista was mad I didn’t throw a dollar in karma jar and spit in my coffee, who knows?  ( there is no instant karma and the suggestion that my good fortune is being held hostage by a pierced twenty something who majored in philosophy annoys me)angry barista

Last week I was in deep throat pain. ( Wait, that didn’t sound right.)  I missed out on the     “Chef” film screening we were invited to.  Mark liked it.

I’m not totally incapacitated.  I will rally for things I have to.  For instance, my cousin’s son wedding.  I’ll throw on some lipstick for that one.  As I was trolling their registry it reminded me of the vid I did about wedding china.  Which I think is funny, but dang worth it, for that little Rex! One of the hardest things about Mono is holding back kissing these little cuties!

Sadly, I doubt many caught in the California fires had a chance to grab their china.  It’s really global warming exhibit A right now.  I grew up here and IT”S NEVER been this hot in May.  In fact our June gloom usually starts in May.  It’s Flipping Scary.  Other than turning off lights I’m a little stymied as how I can help our world not become a permanent inferno. Then king dumbass Marco Rubio said he doesn’t “believe” that humans contribute to global warming. Science isn’t a belief, junior.  He also said he is ready to be president.  He can’t mean our country, he must mean Florida Kiwanis.  If they’ll have him.

Oh, geez,  that guy is a Senator? Too sad.  I better go back to bed.. back to lyogging




funny gal guide to organization

As I always say when someone asks if I would be interested interviewing someone, “will they come to my house?”  I don’t offer that if the subject doesn’t interest me, but when I saw the title of this book “The Funny Woman Guide to Get Organized Now” by Isabella McBride I gave her my address.  I’m funny, I always need to be more organized.

Let’s meet this lass.  Starting Thursday her E-book will be available for FREE.  So, jump on it. To get the book click HERE

how remodeling remodels you

Since we moved into our house last year we have wanted to remodel the down stairs bathroom.  Give it a shower since Mark comes home from work late, I’m a light sleeper and if he woke me up I would be a total shrew.  I also wanted some tile in their and make it look more like a Guest bathroom.  Like in a nice hotel.  Meanwhile, we fixed up our back house as well as my oldest stepson is going to be moving in with us.  All of these jobs we wanted to wait till we had some more money.  Well, that part didn’t really happen, but we did it anyway.

I now don’t know how people deal with redoing a whole house.  It’s very disruptive and I spend a lot of time picking stuff up for the job.  . I will share the before and after when it’s done… if it’s ever done.  In the meanwhile… see how this has changed us from an educated, metropolitan family into this…

If I remodel anything else I fear we will become zombies.

this is what our house looks like now.

Best of Cool Mom: Summer 2011

It wouldn’t be hard to beat last summer. Summer of 2010, my dad’s health suddenly went off a cliff and we lost him on August 2nd.

I still bawl my head off when I hear “If Ever I Should Leave You” or “Try to Remember the Times of September” — a song my dad sang during my childhood if I was alone in the car. I am sure I always will.

But this has been a sweet summer. I didn’t oversubscribe Vivien in camps. Rex is a great playmate for her so I don’t have to knock myself out driving around for playdates. My dad would have loved our new backyard. It was so much fun to finally be settled. That was our summer vacation. That we could stay put.

I was still churning out some Cool Mom vids, but I did take note that traffic is DOWN in the summer. Moms who want a chuckle don’t have the same downtime to come to Cool Mom and check out my latest witty bit from my kitchen.

So, I put together a little “Best of Cool Mom: Summer 2011”.  Some of the better vids that maybe you missed while you were slip ‘n sliding with your kids.

Hope you enjoy.

Phantom Neighbors

Just last night I was at my neighbor’s house for her husband’s birthday party. Another neighbor brought a mac and cheese she had made that blew any chance of me trying to shed some weight this week. Delish. I took Rex home when he was tired and my friends walked Vivien over, laughing with the other little girls when it was her bed time. Now, that’s good neighbors.

I hid the cake for the surprise party in my fridge, albeit turning up my nose at the lousy supermarket cake, and stored the ice. Now, that’s good neighbors.

We all know of bad neighbors, but what about NONE neighbors. The lights go on and off, but these phantoms pass with little detection.

Name Our House

Oh, poor Daphne, she is suffering from Hickory Hill-itis. No, dear, you are not a Kennedy.

Yes, I watched a lot of British dramas growing up and love biographies; so, bear with me. Without seeing or feeling the vibe of my home, I’m asking for help to name my new abode.

My hope is we stay here a long time. So long that when my kids have grown they write letters to their friends saying that they are going home to “Juniper Hollow” or whatever the name is.

I know, who writes letters?

Or maybe it’s that we have moved so often in the last few years I crave permanence, so much that I want to have an instant institution. Something that means something and that stands the test of time.


Magazine Perfect Breakfast Nook

HGTV comes to life for me here. Have you ever daydreamed about a room or look you want and then actually got? Well, I did. In the vid I say the wrong state. The lamp came from Rhode Island and the designer is Tracy Glover. Fantastic stuff. Apologies in advance for the quick shot of the lamp.  We should have lingered on it. Check out my favorite house porn Renovation Style... hard to find, best to subscribe.

Happy home day dreaming!

Gardening as Therapy

I was giddy and exhausted the first two months in my house by having my yard alone. Never mind getting another chance at home ownership, there is weeding to do.

I take it from this article I’m not the only one who finds gardening helpful. After all, “I think there’s nothing more calming and soothing than the smell of flowers and the earth.” And pounding out one’s aggressions and disappointments.

Happy Summer!