good satire

So, not to be-labor it, but I’m still struggling with good old super bug C-diff.  I’ll spare you the details, it’s disgusting.  But, I want to spread some sunshine even if I’m more the in the dystopic, True Detective mindsight.  So, here is one of my fave videos from one of my favorite comics.  Amy Schumer.  This Vid is such Good Satire.  Oh, what I could do with production value!!  So good.  Enjoy and eat your pro biotics and wash your hands with soap and water.  Oh, and yeah, the news last week was great.  I wish I could have celebrated.

Christmas cold humor

Oh, just in time for last minute shopping.  A cold.  Nothing like looking like CRAP in your family photos.  In the meantime while I regroup I’m going to leave you with two videos that made me laugh and forget my discomfort for a few minutes.

Downtown Abbey Spoofs itself


Happy holidays.


is Mom Vlogging over?

Is mom vlogging DEAD? Oh, in 2007 I seemed so clever.  Why not create short, funny videos for mom? Give them a bite, not the “how to” of BabyCenter, but a virtual wise cracking friend.  Your own digital Ethel.  I partnered with Deca and created this site and Momversation.  The brands poured in, I made over 500 videos.

But, the last year and half I’ve got it alone while the landscape of mom vlogging and mom blogging has changed.  Bigger sites than mine have challenges.  They are chasing the elusive “monetization” and a wack- doodle pioneer like myself is left to reflect on the status of this genre.

NO Name calling

Our sweet Charter school won a National No Name Calling Contest.  Here is a video our friend narrated about the mural we won for. ( we, like I did anything).

We are underfunded, have chipped paint and bad drainage, but I love how our school teaches the students ( parents) how to resolve conflicts and to respect feelings


Thanks to our school dad and Huffington Post columnist  Bill Walker for spearheading this contest and always makes us aware of the power of hurtful words and the healing power of kind ones.

My favorite funny mom

Okay, when I did the cafe mom studios comedy show ( hit the previous words to see the playlist of the 5 that have posted so far)  end of last year all of the gals were funny.  BUT,  Vicki Barbolak won my heart.  My husband and I keep quoting her jokes. She was very sweet offstage and then brought the laughs on stage.  She won NIck’s “Funniest Mom” contest and for good reason.  Believe me, comics don’t LOVE other comics, and when I see lists of funny mom bloggers, I’m usually like, “eh, not so much”  But, Vicki is the real funny deal.  ENJOY.

annoying celebrities part XXXVVII

Look, I’ve been signing every gun control petition I can find.  I am a big old lefty on this issue.  The nut jobs and unfettered access to big ammo and big guns is ruining it for the hunter or the careful gun owner who keeps his or her gun safely stored.

My imitation of TV corpse. Though they would never kill off a woman who wasn't wearing make up and she would have to be more fulsome

However, I also find it hard to watch anything on TV that doesn’t have guns, or glorified dead bodies.  When someone likes a movie I always ask, “is there a rape, child in danger, excessive violence?”  I don’t care if it’s taken an Oscar I will probably not like it. Now, I do like a good Bond film and a fun chase scene.

However, I’m such a pokey driver I brake for yellows.  I don’t think there is always cause and affect.  Except with this:

Self righteous celebrities +shot in black and white + serious faces = annoying

Shortly after the beyond tragic shooting at Sandy Hook some celebs did a video in black and white saying “we could do better”.  One of them was Mariska Hargitay.  I’m sure she is a good person, however I was like, are you kidding me, Hargitay?  Her show “Law and Order: SVU” is gore porn. It’s vial.  Every episode is about a sexual assault/ murder often on minors.  Clicking around sometimes I see a few seconds, hear or see something disgusting and then quickly click away.  It’s a hit show, so a lot of sick people who “could do better” are watching it as well.

So, they made a longer pro gun control video ( again, an aim I’m all for ) with Self righteous celebrities +shot in black and white+ serious faces.  Then a guy posted on you tube his version.  In this edited version he splices in scenes of when the actors are glorifying guns and violence as they plead for us to act to end guns and violence in real life. It’s dark, ironic humor, but effective. I have linked to a sanitized version of this video.  The guy that did it totally blows his message at the end of another version making the rounds of the web by playing a horrible song that says something along the lines of “kill a celebrity”.  Uh, dude, undercutting your message.

Here is the version without the gross song at the end.

Do I still want restrictions on big ammo and big guns? Yes. I also like violent shows and adult themes to be moved to 10pm at night like in the old days.  I feel so Tipper Gore.


Christmas love

Love getting the tree with the kids. 


Love decorating the tree with them.

photo booth fun with mark, kids and my mom

Love going to kitschy Holiday gatherings where we all dress up.

Love their excitement on all things Christmas.

Let’s see if YOU love all things Christmas.  I was just sent this video of a Christmas song by Richard Honig, the self proclaimed “Mister Rogers of Spiritual Pop” .  I bet it goes viral.


kids rebel against mom blogger (sponsored)

that’s the headline that will be coming soon.  Sure, I put everything up online from my muffintop, my shingle blisters, my butt crack.  But, my kids are on to me.  When I told Vivien I wanted to shoot her taking me on a tour of her Campanile she agreed with a caveat, “it’s only for our family mom.” That kid is hip to online privacy.

NO more pictures, we are not amused.

Drats, it would have been a great vid to post.  Let’s face it, absence of my kids 80% of my funniest videos would not provoke a chuckle.  Without my kids how can I be mom vlogger/blogger?  I could be a blogger/vlogger who is hostile towards her cats, really what else is going on around here?  ( btw cat lovers, remember these cats were foisted on me and one of them is truly nuts, and my daughter and I are allergic.) With out their funny lines, or approaches to life how would I be inspired?

That’s why this video cracked me up. Shows how modern parents will hang their kids out to dry if it will get hits on youtube.   It’s for Ragu, but not a salesy video. Seems more like an ad you’d see in Europe. Love when corporate America risks having some humor. ( It’s the not the one of the kid walking in on his parents)


How to be a mom

Though this year has been a tad challenging in the work department ( oh, two restaurants closing, stuff like that) I’m fired up that the web series I did with Cafe Mom is going to be debuting soon.  Here is the promo for it and it cracks me up.  You can see Mark, Oliver, Rex, Vivien.  You see my alter ego who bridges the action.   I really hope you all like this send up of helpful advice and please subscribe to the Cafe Mom Studios you tube channel, watch and share my vids and hopefully I’ll get to do more. ( my friend Karen Walrond just did a series with them as well)