Favorite Family Toy

I love this swing.  It has been a huge hit and loved by all who see it or ride on it.  It’s the Swing and Spin.  They asked me to review it.  PERFECT person to ask as we had a home made tire swing hanging from our giant pine tree.  As proud of my husband as I was for creating that I did want to give this new web like swing a try.  It went in easily and we have never looked back.  There are different sizes, this one cost about $150.  So much more fun than going to an amusement park and the food is better at my house.

Poor Tire, just sits on the side of the yard now.

( note:  I was not paid to review it, just got the swing, I really love it)

Particularly good if you are trying the old fashion “go play in the back” summer instead o paying for camp. Only a few left last time I checked so others must have same idea. I call it Camp Daphne

Packing for the Park


I always get hungry when I take my kids to a park or playspace.  I think because I know there will be NOTHING to eat or only cheddar bunnies my fear of starvation kicks in.  I well remember dragging Vivien out of the park for no better reason than mommy was hungry and getting cranky.
I figured this out when I was picking fights with 2 year olds over whose shovel that was.  “I wrote our name on it kid.”
So, I do gas before I go.  But, I still feel like a piker in the park planning department.

Tire Swing

Often, Mark suggests things that make me roll my eyes.

Either because he put it in a pun– which wear on me.  Or I know it’s something that is NEVER going to happen. Example: “On Saturday, let’s all get out the door by 8am so we can get to the Farmer’s Market across town and buy the best Persian Mulberries before the guy sells out.”

Cut to an entire house sleeping on Saturday save for Rex jumping up and down on my chest screaming “Bubble Guppies, Bubble Guppies”.  So, my wifely eye roll is “come on, let’s deal in reality.”

So, when Mark said, “we should make a tire swing” in our big, new backyard I filed it in the part of my brain where I also lodged his frequent comment to guests, “We are going to have a zip line going from the patio to the end of the yard!”  Snare drum anyone?

So, imagine my surprise when one day we had tire swing in our back yard.

My husband is a stud.


All toys scatter, but the toys that are suppose to cling together and don’t, those are really a headache. Sadly, most of the cartoon channels out there have super cheesy commercials that make cheap, messy toys seem accessible. Today Vivien asked for a “huge cupcake maker.” As I ran to the TV to turn it off saying, “No, and it won’t do what it says.”  She actually said,

“But, wait, there’s more!”

Now, if it was a set of steak knives maybe we could negotiate.

Moving Target

Ah, the joys of parental abuse. Being climbed on, kicked in the shins, and my personal favorite having nails dug into my face is all normal stuff. But, what if it happens when you can’t discipline? Whatta you do?

The bottom line is a handheld cell phone is the only danger motorists face.

Pink Yappy Dog

You can’t always be Florence Nightingale. Sometimes you can’t make your kid feel better. Sometimes they get upset and you go to your inner swim up bar in your mind and check out. Even if it’s for 20 seconds. One mommy friend said to me, “They will take everything they can get out of you.” And she’s right. You do need limits sometimes. This video shows why sometimes I power the mom brain down.