Women in comedy: interview with Wendi Mclendon-Covey

A highlight of my trip to Blog Her ’11 was interviewing one of the stars of my favorite film of 2011, “Bridesmaid”, Wendi Mclendon – Covey.  She had my favorite line in the entire hilarious picture and I gushed to her about that.  She is the comic spokesperson for Hillshire Farm and we chatted about those funny commercials… seriously, funny.

She is a trooper, while I think I’m way fun to talk to, I know she had done quite a few interviews that day, yet seemed fresh as a daisy. Watch us here

Check this one out.  It’s the new one.  (Best line “We’re pretty!”) If only all commercials were that clever, but hey they can’t all be Pack It.  I also brought up a legend’s birthday that had resonance with her.

wendy mc

As someone who interviewed actors on TV for years it was nice to have more than 90 seconds to chat.  That’s one of the advantages of the web. I really hope she continues to get work, funny women usually get shafted… oh we talked about that too.

This the third and final installment of posts with Hillshire Farm.  I’ve enjoyed doing them and was given a wide berth creatively which I love.  I also got some great coupons from them at Blogher and the deli meats have been getting gobbled up at the Brogdon/Peel household.