Getting a toddler to get his iron: Sponsored

getting them to eat cake is the easy part

Getting them to eat cake is the easy part

At Rex’s last check up the doctor said he was borderline anemic.  I panicked.  “Oh, my poor baby!”  She assuared me it was fairly normal, but gave me a list of iron rich foods to feed him.

Now, if your toddler is like mine it’s hard to get them to eat anything, except cookies.  He grazes, so the “let’s sit down for a full meal” only works at dinner time.  I don’t force him to eat as a rule, but I did–and do want him to get enough iron.

After chasing him around the house with a beef rib.  “come on, let’s play doggie.”

Failing at bribing, “if you eat this ham I will give you a cookie.”  ( Not sure why girls are easier to bribe with food than boys, but sorry equality folks, they are)

I ate a lot of meat myself while trying to get Rex to sit down and eat.  SIT DOWN AND EAT, SIT DOWN AND EAT!!!  ( yelling didn’t work either). As he started drawing one day I had a Eureka moment.

“Rex, Let’s paint !”  Yeah, he said with a smile.  “Where is my paper mommy?”

I put down the art supplies on the table and next to it the slices of ham, broccoli tops and a glass of orange juice ( vit. c helps the body absorb the iron).  As he drew I got little bits into his mouth. Not a ton, sometimes he refused them, but some.  He “finishes” a drawing pretty fast so I had to keep handing him paper and give him a motivation.

“Grandma needs a picture.  Aunt Cec needs a picture. The mailman needs a picture.” He couldn’t think for a minute I was feeding him.  The words “eat” must not pass my lips.

I don’t always have to resort to Food Art and sometimes I’m too pooped to try, but it’s in my bag of quills.

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