Breaking up with 2011

Why is it only when we are on the verge of saying good bye do we seem to fully asses our relationship? That we not only see the flaws, but what we will miss.

That lousy boyfriends, well we did like the same movies.

That crummy job, hey I liked the polyester smock I wore.

That beater car that finally blew up on the freeway, it got me from point A to point B. Maybe I should have been a little more consistent with that oil and water thing.

So it is with a year.

2011 I’m talking to you. It’s not you, it’s me.  Well, actually it is you.

So let’s start with the reasons we are breaking up.  Well, first It’s time for us to go around the Sun again, and we need a new name for this trip.  We’ve agreed on 2012.  Yes, we have heard the Mayan predictions of doom, but I’m guessing that will be like one of those rapture things.  Fodder for late night comics.

More reasons?

1) Economy still kind of sucks.  Wages around here are flatter than a Teflon pan.

2) We closed a business in your year.  The Point in Culver City. We lost money, what else is new! So, I blame you for that.

3) I gained ten pounds.  Now, no arguments, your fault.

4) The US is still in Afghanistan and if we are there any longer it will be vying with Puerto Rico for almost state status.

5) my one word for 2009 was Hope ( not the Obama kind, just me hopeful to get my family out the Madoff ditch).  My word for 2011 was Resignation.  “Change” was not a coming and I was resigning myself to the new normal.  The word for 2011?   I felt so tired I didn’t have one for a while and then I figured out what it was, Hustle.  Hustling for any dollar, any leg up in my work, my husband’s, working on my daughter’s school, hustle. Everyone around me seemed be in that same mode.  Which leads the Everythingness previously mentioned.

But, hey 2011 don’t look downcast, don’t go away like that.  Come back you big galook.  I have some nice things to say to you.

1) I had some great little mini trips..  My friend Jodi Applegate got married in NYC, an incredible wedding.


I took Vivien to NYC for a Sears SMT which was super fun, my family and I got an awesome getaway at the Montage Laguna Beach ( Mark worked an event , I acted like a trophy wife, our kids like trophy children).
2) We bought a house.

This is a big one 2011.  I think of our home as more than a house but a corrective emotional experience.  Like Scarlett O’ Hara as God as my witness I’m not going to be moved from another home.  We love it here.  I have so much fun with my kids here.  The lady who sold it to us was right, “it resonates with joy.”

3) Rex started part time preschool.  My little man!

4) Vivien made fantastic strides in school.  In January all of sudden she was reading well and been going gangbusters ever since.

5) My mom retired and has been loving it.  My mother in law has moved to an independent living situation she likes, my sister in law moved to Holland to be with the man of her dreams.  Lots of good stuff.

So lot’s of good time ’11, not to mention 11/11/11 how cool was that!  But, it’s time we parted.  I need to find a year that along with the health and development of my loved ones brings , how can I say it…um, cold hard cash. Economic stability, sweetie, I have to go look for it.  Will there be times I miss your “we bought a house!” moments. Sure, of course, but I need a year that’s going to help me pay this house off and remodel a bathroom.

Give me a kiss and a hug 2011.  Now, get your crap and get out of here.