Happy Birthday to me

Gang,  This is the longest I’ve gone since a post.  It’s tough when you are in a mid life crisis, raising kids, family obligations, working, looking for more work, mourning your Food Network show, exercising, doing community work and resisting the worst President I’ve ever known.

It remind me of one of the my favorite signs from the women’s march. “ugh, Where Do I Start?”

I’m going to try and post something funny soon.  Right now I’ve been binge watching old videos from when my kids were super tiny.  They are now 8 and 11 and I’m already nostalgic for their younger selves.  So, I’ll leave you with one that has been on a loop here lately.  It’s something I made for Mark’s professional FB page years ago.  It’s so cute!!

Oh, and March 22nd is my birthday.  Thanks for being here!

Chef Peel cooks at home

on the rare day off Chef Mark Peel takes direction from HIS executive chef, his 6 year old daughter

Posted by Chef Mark Peel on Friday, October 7, 2011

Well, yes, my husband was in the NY Times

the man loves his pressure cooker

I’m back!   I just got back from a great road trip with my kids. Seriously.  I was so unplugged that I wasn’t even able to crow about my the big feature on my dear husband in the Sunday NY Times.  Yes, I was mentioned which was pretty cool as well.

The interview for this story was months ago and it morphed from an online story to being in a the regular paper copy.  They hinged on Mark’s body being beat up after years of cooking.  I don’t love this angle.  I think it’s sort of silly since I know plenty of people his age who had desk jobs are round as a circle and have had knee or hip replacements.  If they really want to gauge what jobs affect people’s bodies they would need to control for family history, diet, etc.  They also got a few things wrong in the article, Rex is 4, but at his age he probably doesn’t mind the bump.

I love that the NY Times wrote about my husband.  He has worked very hard for years and has a lot of accomplishments and glad for them to be recognized.  Along with his sore back.

Secret Motivation: Farmer’s Market, sponsored

Sure my kids would chomp on a chewy food that’s color is not found in nature, but I’m trying to get them excited…or at least sort of curious.. about foods that are good to them and to teach them how you incorporate these foods into a meal.
When Vivien was younger she was more open to things plucked from the ground. viv at 2
They love dad’s catering van.  We are pretty chic around here and the Campanile van is our “company car”  ( no sleek sedan for us!).  Our kids love playing  in the van, so I brought them to the restaurant as Mark was unloading his bounty from the day’s shopping. His first stop is Campanile, the second is Tar Pit. We caught up with him at camp.
Click to here to see the video…and You might learn a few things.. I know I did!
rex at campanile

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This the second of four posts that are sponsored by Hillshire Farms.  Which basically means they ask me if I can write or do a vid on themes they are using in their marketing.  They are easy themes to connect with so I readily agreed.  I am going to receive some money for this.  Whoops, I forgot to also ask for sliced ham. I love sliced ham.

Kids on the Floor

Eating in restaurants with children is a subject that is near and dear to my heart; obviously because my husband (www.chefmarkpeel.com) is a chef and restaurant owner.  This means that my kids and step kids have spent, and will spend, a lot of time in restaurants.  I see it as a great Eloise-like upbringing, but I know my stepsons don’t always think so.  Often when the cupboards are bare at dinnertime, I have said to Oliver, “We can go to Campanile for dinner or I can heat up this bagel for you.”  Nine times out of 10 he would take the bagel. Restaurants aren’t a treat when you’ve been in them your whole life, I guess.  My little ones are happy to go with dad to work.  In fact, they are a little bent when we don’t take them.  “Mommy is meeting a friend for a cocktail” doesn’t seem to work so well.  I usually say something like, “It’s going to be so boring. We are going to talk and talk and I won’t let you run up the stairs (as they do when the restaurant is closed).”

If I am taking my kids out for a dinner I would rather give my husband’s place the business.  Also, we get a discount (not 100% as my husband says that wouldn’t be right. Of course not! Who said ‘comped’?  I didn’t!). Most of the staff knows my kids by name so if I have to go to the bathroom I don’t worry about Vivien sitting by herself as every server and hostess knows her.  If I have Rex with me (aka More of a Handful) then I can say, “Can you put me in the back where there are fewer or no diners?”

Which leads me to this vlog:  My other strategy for restaurant eating (see here for tips from my life pre-Rex) is to get a corner table. Recently, though, I have found other parents I dine with aren’t in total agreement with this policy.  It even greatly upsets some.  What do you think?