Oscar ’14

As much as I wish the rainstorm had fallen right on red carpet Sunday, I watched the show with wide eyes.  I can’t help it.  I was born in the Heart of Screenland (Culver City), I’ve commented on the fashion as part of my job in the past and I even knew a couple of people in the big show.  (I’m so 3 degrees from famous)  I’ve eaten the pizza Ellen ordered!  I was on the list for an after party, not Elton’s.  But, after I put on my make up I got a text that the party was a turkey and not to bother.  When a film hasn’t won their party can go like half and  half left out.

At home Mark and I made dinner for our family who had come over and I got Red Carpet (wearing) Ready!

red carpet watching ready


Thanks for asking, I’m wearing vintage cashmere sweater and yoga pants.  Oh, no, I don’t buy it.  They send it to me.  Yes, picked the first thing I put on. The real red carpet was a snooze.  Not sure what happened, but I saw 4 celebs and lots of commercials, canned bits, and those weird talking heads on E!  Liked this clip of fashion from Vanity Fair party they sent me.  Miss Jane Fonda looks fab.

Ellen did a great job.  Also, kudos to all these thoughtful acceptance speeches.  Jared Leto, the lady from “12 years a slave”, the guy who wrote the movie.  I wasn’t wishing for a trap door to sink the narcissists till more than half way through the show.  Lame award goes to the director of “Gravity”.  Maybe he should have spoken in Spanish, cause he kind of rambled and didn’t have a point in English.  The director of “12 years” had a dud speech too.  Best picture award ususally does.  Best Short Action Animation in a Festival and Made on their Credit Card has more heart and vulnerability than the guy who will get ads taken out for him in the trades just to congratulate him.  I can’t get over his name being Steve McQueen either.  Do the kids even get that?  Is his wife named Ali McGraw?

Loved that they actually performed the nominated songs.  Didn’t like the years they didn’t. How about Travolta butchering Idina Menzel’s name?  He wasn’t even close.  Maybe he should do a PSA for dyslexia?  All great songs, except my old buds U2.  No “In the name of Love”.  Um, and why did Pink sing instead Liza Minneli?  Also, I like Bette Midler and she looked and sounded great, but do we need a reminder of “Beaches”?  Weren’t Kim Novak’s lips enough?

I found a great way to get through the slower bits of the show.  Oscar Bingo.  It’s a mix of fashion, celebs, and hack words and expressions.  Here is the winning card held by my niece Lily, and my card which did not.oscar bingo Lily’s, (on the right) has “Cuff”in the upper left box, as in worn on a lady’s wrist, metal.  Then anyone from “American Hustle”,  “incredible”, anyone saying that word.  The word “Amazing” was on someone else’s card and was marked fast.  The center box is suppose to be “Bow Tie”, but I wrote “Box Tie”, clearly thinking of what the stars inject in their faces.  Next is “person with accent”

Vivien’s card had  one we didn’t hear, thankfully, last night, the winner telling their kids to “go to sleep.”

Rex was undone.  “Why are you all watching this? It’s so boring!”  As he tumbled on the coach before donning my rain boots, a helmet, clutching a styrofoam “sword” sans pants.   “I know it is Rex.  But, I’m not budging till it’s over.”


Moo business cards ( give a way) WINNER PICKED

THANKS TO ALL FOR PLAYING!  The winner is Hippittie ( aka Jill)  ENJOY YOUR MOO CARDS, I  LOVE MINE.

Want to win free business cards? How about  3 sets of 100 business cards and also a StickerBook (180 stickers). Pretty colors, nice card stock.

This grown up thing sort of throws me sometimes.  I should put on make up, oh, but running to get the kids out the door.
I should not wear a track suit…oh, but see above.

People ask me for a buisness card.  Um, I don’t have any.
I use to have coolmom.com cards that Deca ( the company that I partnered with to create cool mom and momversation) made for me.  They ran out a while ago and I’m more of a contributor/freelancer there now than partner, so I’m on my own. I’ve been scribbling my info on post it’s or taking my husband’s biz cards and writing my number and email on them.  Shoddy, really shoddy.  I didn’t want to go get the cheap kind I had years ago.  The one with the generic logo of a plumber or a rose that you can get at Staple like stores.  Blah card stock.

So, enter Moo.com.  Last year they asked me if needed some cards of any sort and could we partner for a give a way.  Months later I finally pulled the trigger.  I wanted to try out their site and product before I would share it. I am happy to say their site is VERY easy to navigate for making business cards.  I wanted the mini cards.  I uploaded a picture easily.  The same on I use on bio page ( thanks TV Guide for hiring the pro photog for that session back when you employed me.)  I picked a color that went with my site and done.  They arrived promptly and very nicely displayed.  of course in my house they look like this now:


But, when they arrived they looked like this:

So, this goes with my 2012 theme of REINVENTION.  Is it time to for you to take yourself seriously and get some business cards.  If you are a stay at home mom, you need them.  Why scribble crap down, being a parent is a job.  Are you a jack of all trades, freelancer, SAHM like me?  Well, make up a title or don’t put one.  I chose “vlogger/humorist”.  I figured that encompasses my other work in case I’m allowed back on TV or radio again.

I need cards also because my handwriting is like a seriel killer. People say “I couldn’t send you an email,it bounced back.”  (because my writing is cryptic better suited for “look for the bodies over here”) Oh, the lost opportunities!  Ellen, try again, I love JC Penny.

2012 is Reinvention year, give yourself whatever title you want. Leave a serious or joke title below and you will be entered to win a set of gift cards from Moo. My sister said this is confusing, just comment anything, I want to win, HI Daphne, whatever and you will be entered to win.
I’ll start : rocket scientist,  globe trotter, chanteuse.

3 sets of 100 business cards and also a StickerBook (180 stickers) WIN


Good Luck.
So, leave a comment…now.