Christmas cold humor

Oh, just in time for last minute shopping.  A cold.  Nothing like looking like CRAP in your family photos.  In the meantime while I regroup I’m going to leave you with two videos that made me laugh and forget my discomfort for a few minutes.

Downtown Abbey Spoofs itself


Happy holidays.


Oscar nominee lunch

I could blog about money woes, some blogger job crap, a family member’s health issues, but why?  Let’s celebrate the good.  So, as I have mentioned my brother in law Kevin Tent is NOMINATED FOR AN ACADEMY AWARD.  I’ve hooked my sister up with hair and make up and we went to my designer friend Kevan Hall for her dress.  He has dressed Vanessa Williams among others and is a class act.
But, before the big NIGHT is a big day.  When all of the nominees go to lunch. I mean ALL of them.  George Clooney, Meryl Street, Brad Pitt, and my brother in law!  My sister got to go as well.
Here’s they are. I don’t know who she is wearing, but it’s spot on perfect for the event.

Fwd: Better one!
Here is Kevin with the head of the Academy on the red carpet.
a href=”http://www.fFwd: walking the nominee carpet w/ prez of Academy
Every year there is an iconic picture of all the nominees together. You scan the pictures looking for the famous among the behind the scenes folk.  Other years I would have thought, get rid of the nobodies, Where is Clooney!  But, this year it was surreal to see my kin folk with the Hollywood heavy hitters.  I know he isn’t a household face, but see if you can spot Kevin.


Clooney is a few rows beneath him in a grey sport coat with that “Artist” hunk next to him. Man, I’d like to the filling in that sandwich.


It’s You Tube Tuesday!  I am doing these playlists for Momversation, but I wanted to highlight this one here because it’s particularly delish.

Shut the door for five and have a little me time with yourself and Mr. George Clooney.  Yes, George, I finally featured you on Cool Mom, just like you have been asking.

Stretch Mark Creams

Man, did that kid feel like he was about to launch out. I’ve been lucky I don’t have anything too funky on my belly (the arms, though forget it!). But this stretch mark cream bizness… come on! My skin is as dry as crackers, and I didn’t get any stretch marks. It’s hormonal… but if George Clooney wants to rub some stretch cream on me, I will become a convert.