Cooking with Coolmom & kids: oatmeal


Cooking with young children is not a quick job, but they love to help. Nothing fancy, not giving my husband a run for his money.  Just like to get the offspring involved in food preparation.  The hope is that they

1) understand what goes in food

2) an appreciation for fresh, healthy foods

3) They won’t starve when they go to college and call me when they are 18 asking me how to cook rice (yeah, I did that, and thanks mom for not saying “read the bag you dumbass.)

I get fixated on a breakfast for about a year at a time.  Right now I’m into Oatmeal ala Daph.

Secret Motivation: Farmer’s Market, sponsored

Sure my kids would chomp on a chewy food that’s color is not found in nature, but I’m trying to get them excited…or at least sort of curious.. about foods that are good to them and to teach them how you incorporate these foods into a meal.
When Vivien was younger she was more open to things plucked from the ground. viv at 2
They love dad’s catering van.  We are pretty chic around here and the Campanile van is our “company car”  ( no sleek sedan for us!).  Our kids love playing  in the van, so I brought them to the restaurant as Mark was unloading his bounty from the day’s shopping. His first stop is Campanile, the second is Tar Pit. We caught up with him at camp.
Click to here to see the video…and You might learn a few things.. I know I did!
rex at campanile

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This the second of four posts that are sponsored by Hillshire Farms.  Which basically means they ask me if I can write or do a vid on themes they are using in their marketing.  They are easy themes to connect with so I readily agreed.  I am going to receive some money for this.  Whoops, I forgot to also ask for sliced ham. I love sliced ham.