Toys Gone Bad

You know how you cease to see your own junk, but if you go to someone else’s house, you can instantly see where some discarding and organization is in order?  Well, I just took notice of TOYS that need to go. First off, this sandbox came with our house and I couldn’t understand why the previous owners left such a darling sandbox.


Then I realized that it was waterlogged, and mushrooms and weeds were growing out of it. Uncovered sand gets funky. Also, there were about 4 dozen old balls that were left by the former kids.  Vivien was excited to find them at first.

deflated play balls

But seriously, do any of these look playable? No. So did I chuck them when we moved in? No. For some reason, I left them around. I don’t know why, unless I thought my kid is so clever, she will find a use even for deflated balls. Yeah, like I ever found a use for those striped palazzo pants I got on sale.

I chucked the broken plastic today. The sandbox’s days are numbered.