Breaking up with 2011

Why is it only when we are on the verge of saying good bye do we seem to fully asses our relationship? That we not only see the flaws, but what we will miss.

That lousy boyfriends, well we did like the same movies.

That crummy job, hey I liked the polyester smock I wore.

That beater car that finally blew up on the freeway, it got me from point A to point B. Maybe I should have been a little more consistent with that oil and water thing.

So it is with a year.

2011 I’m talking to you. It’s not you, it’s me.  Well, actually it is you.

So let’s start with the reasons we are breaking up.  Well, first It’s time for us to go around the Sun again, and we need a new name for this trip.  We’ve agreed on 2012.  Yes, we have heard the Mayan predictions of doom, but I’m guessing that will be like one of those rapture things.  Fodder for late night comics.

More reasons?

1) Economy still kind of sucks.  Wages around here are flatter than a Teflon pan.

2) We closed a business in your year.  The Point in Culver City. We lost money, what else is new! So, I blame you for that.

3) I gained ten pounds.  Now, no arguments, your fault.

4) The US is still in Afghanistan and if we are there any longer it will be vying with Puerto Rico for almost state status.

5) my one word for 2009 was Hope ( not the Obama kind, just me hopeful to get my family out the Madoff ditch).  My word for 2011 was Resignation.  “Change” was not a coming and I was resigning myself to the new normal.  The word for 2011?   I felt so tired I didn’t have one for a while and then I figured out what it was, Hustle.  Hustling for any dollar, any leg up in my work, my husband’s, working on my daughter’s school, hustle. Everyone around me seemed be in that same mode.  Which leads the Everythingness previously mentioned.

But, hey 2011 don’t look downcast, don’t go away like that.  Come back you big galook.  I have some nice things to say to you.

1) I had some great little mini trips..  My friend Jodi Applegate got married in NYC, an incredible wedding.


I took Vivien to NYC for a Sears SMT which was super fun, my family and I got an awesome getaway at the Montage Laguna Beach ( Mark worked an event , I acted like a trophy wife, our kids like trophy children).
2) We bought a house.

This is a big one 2011.  I think of our home as more than a house but a corrective emotional experience.  Like Scarlett O’ Hara as God as my witness I’m not going to be moved from another home.  We love it here.  I have so much fun with my kids here.  The lady who sold it to us was right, “it resonates with joy.”

3) Rex started part time preschool.  My little man!

4) Vivien made fantastic strides in school.  In January all of sudden she was reading well and been going gangbusters ever since.

5) My mom retired and has been loving it.  My mother in law has moved to an independent living situation she likes, my sister in law moved to Holland to be with the man of her dreams.  Lots of good stuff.

So lot’s of good time ’11, not to mention 11/11/11 how cool was that!  But, it’s time we parted.  I need to find a year that along with the health and development of my loved ones brings , how can I say it…um, cold hard cash. Economic stability, sweetie, I have to go look for it.  Will there be times I miss your “we bought a house!” moments. Sure, of course, but I need a year that’s going to help me pay this house off and remodel a bathroom.

Give me a kiss and a hug 2011.  Now, get your crap and get out of here.

Moving, yes, again

This is the third time in the three years of doing cool mom that I tell you about my move.  This is much happier than the last move though.  We have been looking for a long time.  I have spent many, many nights after the kids are asleep surfing the real estate sites.  It’s in a different area (cheaper) than were we live now, but still close enough to Campanile and Vivien’s best friend.  That was important.

We, like many of you, are not out of the woods of this deep morass called the Great Recession.  Last week we closed The Point, Mark’s cafe in Culver City.  We had to stop the bleeding.

As always, my little ones are my sunshine.  I am excited for them…and for me too.  I really hope I get to keep this house.

Two cent Tuesdays: 11-16-10

I took a little hiatus from these..but TCT is back.


A fellow alum of TV Guide Channel is John Fugelsang.  He is a host and a comic and has some of the funniest twitters this side of s-t my dad says.  He is so right on I have to stop from retweeting everything he writes.  I have gone through periods of watching vast amounts of MSNBC and Chris Matthews.  He is kind of nuts, yet, compelling.  Here is a clip of John on the radio doing his imitation of Matthews. So funny.

Great Recession

Feel like this is the elephant, the undercurrent that is always present everywhere, even when not spoken.  It’s a weird time in that I know some people who really aren’t that affected by it.  Other than the shop that sold the best fabrics has shut it’s doors and now they have to find another places to make drapes. But, I spoke to a friend’s husband today who is on month 6 of unemployment.  When I talk to a restaurant owner– of which we obviously know a lot of– it’s not a question of “is your business down?”  It’s only a matter of how much?  20, 30, 40, 50 %

We are business owners and it’s tough.  There are some great nights and some bordering on scary. It’s hard to predict.  I was the co host of a TV show, now I barely get called once a month to do a segment, so I it’s scary in all fields.

But, its not terrible.  But, the worry is there.  How are you all dealing with it?  I remember asking this in the Fall of ’08 and was surprised by how few seemed to be impacted by the recession.  Maybe it’s different now.

Charity begins with small businesses is my motto. I subscribe to all those groupons and other discount sites, but I have only bought them once.  What I do is see some I might be interested in and go and buy the sandwich or what have you a regular price.  If they are doing that site, they need the dough.  Also, if you do go out to eat and charge the meal, try to leave cash for the tip.  Not because the waiter won’t get their full tip.  They will, it’s against the law not to.  But, the owner of the restaurant has to pay 3 to 4% of the sale to the credit company, so they subsidize the tip.

Care Packages

A vet just started working in one of Mark’s restaurant.  A lovely young man who spent 13 months in Iraq.  I was humbled thinking of now that is working in hospitality he will get a complaint about someone’s drink not be cold enough when he was in combat. “I came back with my limbs and my mind, so I am lucky,”  He told me.  Right after I complained about my drink not being cold enough (Joke!)

I said, “hey I hear it’s a drag when you don’t get a care package over there”. He said any piece of mail is welcome.  I am the biggest anti war person going.  It’s my biggest beef with Obama that he has continued Bush#2’s march of war.  But, I feel for the soliders.  So here are a couple of sites that coordinate sending packages to the troops.  Something to think about this holiday season.

Bush’s book tour

Speaking of blood on his hands… W has been doing the book tour thing.  He always came across to me as an affable guy who I’m sure I would think was a charming person if I was sat next to him at a lunch.

But, I know too much. I don’t forgive him. Oh, and Kanye West is suppose to apologize to Bush, but no apology is forthcoming from GWB for what he has wrought.  That was 8 funky years we are still paying for.

Well, hello Kitty!

To conclude on a lighter note.  IS there anyone in their heart of hearts who doesn’t LOVE Hello Kitty?   The Sanrio circus came to town.  I almost missed this. Genius!  If that isn’t a dream car, I don’t know what one is. Dream car with demonic driver hello kitty

worn out

It’s starting to all catch up to me.  The great recession, not enough sleep, losing my dad.  Today is his birthday and I have a pit in my stomach.  I keep trudging, moving, working, volunteering at Vivien’s school, living life.  But, I just want to crawl into my bed and weep and sleep.

I said to a friend the other night “I peaked in the ’90’s” he said

“we all peaked in the ’90’s”

There are so many lovely moments in my life, chief being my kids.  Also nice to sip a cocktail at The Tar Pit with my sister ( which I will be doing to toast my dad).  But, dang don’t you feel like we just need a break?  Some relief from this cloud, or maybe that is just my own stuff.

The other night I went and saw Michele Obama and Jill Biden stumping for Barbara Boxer.  After Madoff I become far less political, but decided to go since I could walk there from my house and I like the first and second lady and I am voting for Boxer. All three spoke well and at one point Michele Obama was saying something along the lines, “we know change hasn’t come fast enough for many people”  It was a good speech and I was feeling that old juice from ’08. Then she said, “remember how you felt on election night?”  The crowd cheered.  I cheered too thinking how proud I was that our country had moved past racism.  I remembered being with my family and friends at Campanile crying with joy and feeling hopeful and patriotic.  Then she said, “remember how you felt on inaguration day!”  The crowd cheered.

I did not.  That was one of the worst days of my life.  That day as thousands bundled up in the cold to see the swearing in Mark and I were signing the escrow papers to sell our house.  My dream house.  I looked down at the floor.  I couldn’t shake the sad feeling even as I applauded at the end.

Election night, my dad was alive, we spoke and he was a gracious Republican that night, I was pregnant with Rex, I was settled.  Now, my financial security, house and my dad are gone.

Look I know I am a lucky person.  I really believe I am, I’m just pooped and sad.  I’ve been downsized on my TV show, The Fashion Team, to that of a contributing correspondent, not one of the main hosts. That stings a bit, I won’t lie.

If I could just get a little sleep., that would be change I could believe in.