Prepping For #2

Lately, I’ve had some friends who are gearing up for their second child, and I can see the fear in their bloated eyes.  I reassure them that it won’t be as hard as they think it will be.  Then they go further, “No, really, tell me?”  Because after you have had one, you know most people were full of crap when they only told you how much they loved their kids more than sunshine and whipped cream.  Once you’ve done it, you know the trapped-at-night, how-am-I-going-to-pay-for-this, I’m-so-ugly-and-lonely-and-tired, am-I-going-to-accidentally-hurt-this-little-thing feeling.

So, herewith, are my tips for #2.  These are just what worked for me.  Those of you who have bigger families, I tip my hat to you. Two and a half is enough for me.