Mom who smells like pee


Following hot on the heels of showing you all my gut I’m baring another embarassing aspect of motherhood. For Momversation I am talking about one of those “no one told me THIS was going to happen.”  The dirty parts of motherhood.  If you want the clinical talk about pee and mom’s you can find it here.  I’m about the experience.

Don’t hang me out to dry! C’mon, you know it has happened to you.

WOW You Look Amazing

If you are like me right now your self image is at an all time low.

IF you are like me the holiday food and spirits is sitting in your gut (which your husband just called “puffy”).

If you are like me you have been unable to exercise much because your kids are home, or it’s quite cold and or you have been to busy with family stuff.

If you are like me you have a hacking cough that has lasted weeks. This cough has spread to all parts of your family.

If you are like me you have been up in the night with one of your kids because they are sick.

If you are like me this cough is so bad that you threw up in the Best Buy parking lot ( sorry person who pulled in the space after me).

If you are like me your cough is so bad that your post childbearing body turned on you and you pissed in your pants.


( Note: Vivien is wearing the dress she created on  A great site for little girls)

Well, when life gets you down, you have to turn it around, right?  So here is a short, self help moment for all of us.  ( Jo McGinley, my friend, guest stars)