grandma’s of bloggers

OH, wait, not grandma’s, mom’s of bloggers.  My grandmas long before the internet was  ready for prime time.   As I was poking around you tube for a video I was hunting I came across this archival gem.  It features my mom!  As well as the moms of my favorite blogger friends, Jessica Gottlieb, Heather Armstrong, and Rebecca Woolf.  I’ve met Rebecca’s mom and she is just as darling in person.  It doesn’t look like it has had many views so I thought I would give it another showing.

Best of all my mom is holding Rex when he was a baby.


Muff on the Huff

Muffinlicious was included in a great post on woman formerly known as beautiful. Read it here, but in a nutshell, the blogger, Shannon Colleary, says she has decided not lose weight and practice self acceptance. Her body stats are almost the exact same as mine. So, of course I say “you go girl!” And thanks for including me in a post that went to Huffington Post.
( and thanks to Jessica Gottlieb for emailing me while I was at the park “you are on Huffington Post!”)
Since posting about my muffin top I’ve gotten many “you are so brave” comments. Thanks, but I don’t feel that brave. I consider no surprise how I look. If I appeared in public like Kate Bosworth

and then did a video about how my guy floats around the edges of my slim jeans, than yes, that would be brave as I’m blowing the lid on my image.

I don’t have an image to blow up.

pregnant me
pregnant with Rex

I’m in my forties, I’ve had a few pregnancies, that have yielded two children. I live with a great chef and we co own restaurants with stellar food, wine and cocktails. If I became a water swilling vegan I think my marriage would be over.   I’m not going to look like Kate Bosworth. I don’t want to be “mid western fat” ( this is distinct from LA fat, which is a size 8), but I am what I am.

Now, did you see me shooting a video of me SITTING DOWN in tight jeans? That would be brave.

Online Privacy

Mom bloggers seem an unlikely crew to worry about privacy.  Some bloggers use nom de plumes, or give their kids nicknames.  Not me.  My name, my husband’s name, my kid’s names, have all gone on this sight. I worked in broadcasting, my husband has some fame in the cooking realm so that opens one up a bit.  Whatever shred of privacy we had went out the window post Madoff.  By the time the local news called I figured, what the heck?  Everyone knows we were caught up in the biggest ponzi scheme in history, might as well be the poster child.

Rex, helping me blog
So, when momversation friend Jessica Gottlieb invited me to a luncheon for my info guardian my first thought was, “I love Chinese food I will go.”

In short, if you signed up for and such over the years those sites sold their info to information sites.  So, if you are not a former basic cable superstar or a judge on Top Chef  it might behoove you to look into this.

One of the take aways I got from the lunch, besides realizing that you could fill up on appetizers at Mr. Chow, was that every few months we need to change our passwords.  Passwords are such a pain, but the man from my info said once people know something about you they can figure out your password.  So, obviously my passwords are all imanaginggayman,  or ginismypoison.

There, more of my info is out there.

Do You Judge Big Families? (Momversation…Sort Of)

This was a Momversation experiment I had long wanted to do — get to talk to the moms in PERSON. Blogging and vlogging can be a lonely business so I had asked Rebecca Woolf, my blogging friend, who lives nearby, to come over and do a Cool Mom with me. Alas, the day she was supposed to come over was also the last few months of her carrying twins, so she was understandably not feeling top dog. Cut to Kelly, the producer of Momversation, writing me to ask if I would be up for a shoot with Jessica and Rebecca in the flesh. Would I!? Jessica is on the other side of the hill from me, but another mom blogger I enjoy conversing with. Not only does she have a great dry wit, but my husband knows her dad from the Spago days and LOVES him.

Anyway, the gals came over to my home, renamed “the Momversation studio” for the day. Great to see Rebecca — first time since she gave birth to the twins. The thought was this might be a new way to tape Momversation, but after watching it, the senior producer nixed the idea. Was it me or my home styled hair?  I don’t know, but the three of us said, “The people must see this!”  Because use kvetching at my kitchen table is pretty important. It’s not on the main landing page of Momversation, but it is up there somewhere.  So, think of this as the Vault.

Let me know what you think. I liked it, but I would have killed the non-stop momver music bed that runs through it.

Oh, and do you judge big families?

Momversation: What’s Bugging You?!

What is bugging you these days? That’s the question du jour on Momversation. Since they asked me to lead it off, does this mean I’m no Susie Sunshine?

The many bugs were given pretty equal weight in the editing room for myself, Trisha Haas and Jessica Gottlieb, but truly my longest and most earnest diatribe is reserved for our bipolar country that heavily funds multiple wars and our schools go begging.

How does this serve us as a country to underfund public education? Who wants to live in a community of dumb shits? How will we compete in the world? It’s a prescription to being a second tier power.

Bush put in No Child Left Behind, which I didn’t like to begin with, but then it wasn’t funded. So, it raised standards while not giving schools extra dough to make it work. Meanwhile, he got us into two wars.

Obama was supposed to CHANGE things, but we are still in these wars, upped one and throw in a little Libyan action because the military industrial complex needs to sell more toys. Politicians give mouth service to education, but when the rubber hits the road it’s not there.

I can’t even talk about it because I will never stop. Here is the piece.

Momversation: Are You a Tiger Mom?

GRRRR! The Tiger Mom got lots of press a few weeks back, but over here at Cool Mom, I jumped on that “Raise your kid to be Chinese” before that.  Either serious or tongue in cheek, what’s your parental mode?  Practice that piano or be quiet “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is on? Jessica Gottlieb and Whitney Moss weigh in as well.

Momversation: What’s in Your Family Emergency Kit?

I try to be an anti-alarmist.  I was afraid this topic might tilt toward the “let’s all be scared” variety when it was proposed on Momversation, but it’s a bit more nuts and bolts. Jessica (with her cute blow out) had some ideas I had never thought of. Rounding up our LA girls trio today is Heather.  So, expect earthquakes and crime to be top of our mind.

See how you rate on the preparedness scale.  Who do you grab?

Let’s see… where are the D batteries for that flashlight?