Divorcing with Children

Blah,blah, me, me.  Even a blogger gets tired of writing about themselves.   So, let me put the light on a fellow blogger.

Mindy Roberts and I became friends when we were Momversating a few years back.  (The picture above is when we conversed in person on BYU TV.) Video chatting and emails can make you as close as  20 minutes into happy hour .  Except they cut out the sex talk in the final edit.   I would have liked Mindy anyway, but then she said she named her daughter (sort of) after me we were bonded for life.  She use to listen to The Dr. Dean Edell Show in the Bay Area where I was known as “That Daphne”, his producer and side kick.  So, there is a cute little Daphne in her home.

Mindy divorced her husband. They had 3 kids.  They get along and successfully co parent.     As we know, this is not that common. So, she wrote a book.  If you or someone you know is thinking about pulling the plug on the marriage this is the book for you.  Our other Momversating pal, Heather Armstrong ( that little blog called Dooce) wrote the intro. (Hereis one we all did together, oh, so long ago… like 3 years.. it’s like dog years) Here is Mindy’s book to help navigate a really difficult situation.

I hope you don’t need this book, but just in case… maybe you should buy one for your spouse as well.  One less thing to divide.

Sponsored: Is Your Dinner Table Online or Offline?

Sure, we can all say no TV during dinner. Or mom and dad can never check their phone at the table, but seriously?

How do you handle the intersection of technology and meal time?  Is it necessarily bad to include some with your food?

Mindy Roberts (who looks so cute in this vid) and Caroline Murphy join in the discussion.

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On Momversation: Disagreeing With Your Partner’s Parenting

Today on Momversation we’re talking about how to deal with parenting differences between partners. Alice Bradley of Finslippy asks: What do you do when you disagree with your partner’s parenting decisions? Is it okay to disagree in front of your kids, or should you present a united front and duke it out later? Heather Armstrong of dooce, Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl, and I all weigh in with our experiences.

How do you deal with this issue in your household? Let us know in the comments, and check out the Momversation in our related forums: