Sex and the City 2

A movie marketer could starve trying to make films for me these days.  I know more about films from 1940 than 2010 (hence my kinship with older gay men).  But, a few times a year I emerge and I do love seeing films.  Provided there are no violent scenes, children in peril, gambling or people who are knowingly doing criminal acts unless it’s a cool super spy type thing.  The other stuff makes me tense.

I go to movies to be transported.

Movie-Watching Mom

One of the best things about flying… actually, the best thing was watching movies. I NEVER see movies so I was catching up. On the way home I watched A Serious Man. It was nominated for best picture, and I’m not sure why. I appreciated the acting and some of the motifs, but where did it go? Nowhere. I finally got to see The September Issue, a documentary about Vogue magazine. Loved it. Ate it up. I watched Nurse Jackie, the Edie Falco show on Showtime. I was enjoying it. She is a good person who tries to help people; meanwhile she is addicted to drugs that she gets from her pharmacist lover. Near the end, we see that she is married and has two young girls. Forget it. I didn’t want to watch anymore of that. Knowing that character was jeopardizing her daughters would make me too uncomfortable.

This same mom brain couldn’t get through 5 minutes of United states of Tara.  The star of that has won awards playing a woman with multiple personalities. But a few minutes in she switches from normal mom to an alter ego who thinks she is her teenager’s friend. Her kids know she is nuts and one plays along and one is really unnerved. I was with him. Click, off. The billboards for this show that have blanketed LA act as if all of her personalities are kooky, fun. I just think of the years of therapy her children will need to go through.

Oh, and I am reading Kathy Griffin’s book. She is one of my heroes. It’s very enjoyable. And since I know people, who know people here is my signed copy. She wrote, “Am I your Cher?” Guess she knows I like her.

On Momversation: Birth Control

I like this Momversation. It’s funny, moves along, and has a lot of my witty bits. Love woman just laying all the personal stuff out there. Well, leave it to bloggers.

One bit of birth control that I recommend that didn’t make it in the final cut is this… go to a county fair or an amusement park and look at the fat, unhappy families, tired and cranky who just spent way too much money. I want to go up and say, “Was it worth it?” (The day at the place, not the kids, but you know.)

Sidebar:  Patrick Swayze… waaah. I know it was expected, but bless him. That guy was in two of the most seminal chic flicks EVER. “Dirty Dancing”, which I saw about 10 times when it came out, and it acted like Prozac for me. Sweet hunky guy falling for unconventionally pretty gal. Also the last film to deal realistically about abortion. As in, sometimes a woman ( poor, unmarried, etc.) just needed to get one. They never show that any more.

“Ghost.”  I was separated by 500 miles from my then fiancee and was so in love. I would watch that film and feel the love he and Demi Moore had and cry my eyes out. He was such a stud muffin, and in both films he was so vulnerable. Think he was underrated as an actor. And as actors would say, he committed. Like in that great sketch with Chris Farley. So funny, because he committed to it.

And committed of course to his wife since he was a kid. A real love story.

Non-Labor Day

Welcome back! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was not full of trips to the beach or BBQs. But darn fun. My goal has been to be a shut in. Between having a baby and the heat I think it seemed logical. My top high points from the weekend, not necessarily in this order were:

1) My husband and I had a date night. Nothing like being face to face for reconnecting… across a table that is.

2) After she and I had a run in ( I didn’t let her do something, she kicked me, I sent her to her room), Vivien followed me into Oliver’s room where I was cleaning up and hands on hip said, “Mommy, we need to talk.” I stopped myself from rushing forward and telling her, “You are so cute, and look at you using reasoning!” I just said, “Yes, we do.”

3) Thursday night one of my oldest friends (freshman in college) Trish took me to see the Pretenders. I kind of forgot how wicked cool Chrissie Hynde was and still is. Here is an apt review of what I saw. There she was 57, mother of two, looking like the cool, accomplished rock star she is. An icon. She had a great outfit. White vest over some shirt, tight jeans tucked in almost stocking-like high boots. I would look like a clown, but man it worked for her. She has that great deep voice, she bantered with the crowd well. And I also forgot how many good songs the Pretenders have. Talking bout my generation. She’s just so “this is who I am and if you don’t like it, you can kiss my ass.” Which makes me want her to like me. Then when she broke out her guitar Trish and I were thinking, ah, I wish I could be that cool. At the end when she took out a harmonica and started playing I turned to Trish, “Okay, I want to kiss her… if she’d let me.”

4) Speaking of wanting to kiss someone… I was at a fun pool party for a 4 year old where who else was the there, but Mr. Hunk himself Jon Hamm, lead in “Mad Men”.

I am fanning myself at the thought. It was a nice normal exchange at a taco-catered-truck backyard party. He tried his best to get Vivien to warm up to him. I didn’t tell him that she shined on Jake Gyllenhaal a couple of years before in a similar manner. I did not tell him he was the cutest, hottest thing on basic cable. I wasn’t pleased that I hadn’t lost ten pounds that morning as I had to take off my cover up and give him an eyeful of my mom suit as I pushed Viv around a little floaty. My only hope was that my large, nursing breasts would pop out, and I would have felt I had made myself somehow memorable to Mr. Hamm.

Oh, and I saw a movie. Which is where this comes in.

The only reason I could go to the concert or the movie of course. That is my pump station. The spilled milk, the sound “eh-a-eh-ah-e-ah” humming along as I try to read for a couple of minutes. (BTW, at this point anyone could walk in the room, and I couldn’t care less who sees me with large plastic domes over my special place) Except that I don’t make that much, so I saw “Extract,” which was really funny. (The jokes about married sex are right on the money.) It was close by and only 90 minutes. I never like a long film, and when I am nursing, I really don’t. I only had a smidge pumped, so I booked.  It was the brain holiday I was after. And one that kept me in air conditioning.

Give me your highlights!

I Saw a Movie!

We went to the premiere of Julie and Julia. I NEVER GO TO THE MOVIES. So I was pretty excited. The last time I was in a movie theater it was to see Paul Blart: Mall cop. I was with my stepson, but honestly I liked more than he did. Which tells you about how giddy I get when I go to a movie.

Now, I already shared the promo Mark did for the film. So, we were treated well. It was the premiere in Westwood (the big, old movie houses). When we picked up the tickets, they asked Mark if he wanted to walk the red carpet.  He said yes. When we got on the red carpet Alice Waters was there. Mark worked for her years ago; she is a very warm person. I steered them both toward a reporter I know at E! channel. My co-host Lawrence Zarian was working for Entertainment Tonight. They weren’t chatting with the chefs. But he was excited he had interviewed Meryl Streep (who didn’t stop to talk to TV Guide). I was suppose to take the mic from the TV Guide reporter to do a line that we would use on “The Fashion Team,” but when I approached her she said they were waiting to get Amy Adams, who was about 4 tv outlets away from them. I know how tense it is to be waiting to get the big ones to stop and talk to you, so I hung back till she had chatted with them. onestly, i don’t think I loved what she was wearing. Thick material, off white… she should wear color.

Which is what Vivien has been telling me lately. She crosses her arms and says “Mommy, you aren’t pretty enough.  You need color.” So Mark helped find a red dress to wear to the party (sidebar: we went to a store that had a sale, and in my new mode I’m not bashful about looking for a deal.). The gal was bringing $300 dollar dresses over to me and I would say, “Is this on sale?” No.

“Well, I’ve never heard of this designer; it’s not well made, and it’s $300. I need something from the 75% off rack.” Which we found.

I forgot to take a picture!  But here is the dress. Vivien had me wear a double strand of black beads my mother-in-law gifted me and gold shoes. She is probably going to replace me on my show.

But how was the movie? It was GREAT. There was free water and popcorn, which would normally cost about $14. Ha, I make myself laugh… no it was a good movie. Funny and charming and well written. It was a perfect film for us. eCombining blogging and food. Highly recommended. But be forewarned, before you go, make a roast chicken that you can eat after, or go to the nearest French bistro you can find ASAP. I was ready to rub garlic on my shoe and dig in. We ate afterward, and it was a great night out… of course my breasts were going to explode by the time I came home.

And not that it goes with the story, but I love this picture of my kids.  Sigh.

Can’t Wait NOT To See This Movie

This is one of my biggest beefs with the movie industry: Violent and kids-in-peril movies are not going to get me out of my house, into a car, looking for parking, spending $12 a ticket and $5 for popcorn to sit next to strangers. The movie industry is hurting? Wah-wah, then quit making all these downers that scare me and keep me up at night! Bring on “Sex and the City,” or James Bond. That’s what this mommy likes.

My Dark Places

I know it’s not good to dwell on the bad and sad, but sometimes my mom brain can’t help itself!

On the verge of getting sick the other night I was seized by the desire to watch an adult film. Not porn, but mature themed, the kind you can’t watch with your child in the room. So, Vivien was asleep and I watched “Gone Baby Gone.” It’s a very well made film, Directed by Ben Affleck. The movie has all the ingredients, great acting and all the good stuff, including a plot with lots of twists.  But, a central theme is children who are criminally mistreated (to put it politely). So, it comes as no surprise, that it gave me nightmares. In the middle of the night I had to climb into Vivien’s bed and hold her hand to reassure me. But, then I am worried about all the children in the world who are not looked after. My husband groaned the next day, “I knew you shouldn’t watch that movie.”

Todd Heisler/The New York Times

My friend’s mother is a foster mother. Every child my friend takes in has been severely sexually abused, often by both of their parents. This is unbelievable, right?  I can get so worried about these harmed children it makes my stomach hurt, yet I’m not sure what to do with this worry.  I’m not ready to be a foster mom myself.


My other mom worry of the day was triggered when I glanced over my husband’s shoulder the other day while he was reading the paper and saw a story about a mom who discovered she had advanced cancer when delivering her daughter. She was a remarkable woman. She fought on until her daughter’s 2nd birthday. There was a photo of this mom hugging her daughter when she was an infant, and you could see that mother love intensity. You know she never wanted to leave her daughter. You can’t read this story without crying your eyes out. That is my second greatest fear in life.

Those are my dark places.

Going to the Movies

Remember when going to the movies was fun? Yeah, I barely do as well. When Vivien was a newborn I could take her, but now it’s totally not possible. And then there are the competing interests, what a 14 year old wants to see is different than what I or my elderly dad might want to see. But, one day I decided to try and please everyone and we all headed to the movies. Since my dad has difficulty walking and is eating himself toward a stroke, going to a movie is one of the few activities that make sense for him. I may never be the same.

Sex and the City

At my alternative school, about a quarter of the population hopped on the city bus and ditched to see the opening day of “Empire Strikes Back.” Now, there is a new movie event in my life: “Sex and the City.” Can’t wait. I have to see it at the first opening because I expect bad reviews, and I don’t want any thing to rain on my parade. I mean, reviews, hah! What do they expect? “War and Peace”? If nothing else I want to see the clothes. Take that, Napoleon.