Friday Funny

One of my most viewed videos I’ve ever done spoofed the “dress to mask your flaws” genre.  I celebrated my muffin top.  Since the close of Campanile I cook a lot more, so when my friend saw these little bake tins of course she thought of me!!  Genius!!  They are even denim like!

muffin tops For a trip down tummy memory lane:


Getting ready for Easter.  Mark and I are hosting my family.  We are planning the main course, so my sister said “I’ll bring a coconut cake.”

Me:  Great.  But, can you get something else too because like your husband my kids don’t like coconut.

Her:  Yes, But, I don’t get this not liking coconut.  It’s Easter.  Christ rose again with a coconut cake in his arms.

That joke carried me for hours yesterday.  It reminded me of a sight gag I did at Christmas.  On Christmas eve I ran into the 99 cent store because though I had planned ahead I was just a smidge short of wrapping paper.  The Christmas section was so picked over it was like a bomb had gone off.  I picked the ugliest paper, all that was left, and saw an empty nativity scene.  Like looters had taken the Holy family, the wise men, the donkey and only left the manger.  That gave me an idea.  So I put this on my mantle.return of christ

I lampooned the concept of working from home.  We all want to do it, but does it really make sense?  Lots of behind the scenes comedy.  Today I was on a business call and taking notes.  The caller had no idea where I was writing down these important notes.
working from home


Happy Friday



Return to Stand up

This was very fun to do.  Cafe Mom Studios included me in a great line up of female comics who also happen to be moms.  I hadn’t done stand up in a long time.  It went very well. You will see my closing bit was pulled from something I developed here.

Enjoy and share.

Muff on the Huff

Muffinlicious was included in a great post on woman formerly known as beautiful. Read it here, but in a nutshell, the blogger, Shannon Colleary, says she has decided not lose weight and practice self acceptance. Her body stats are almost the exact same as mine. So, of course I say “you go girl!” And thanks for including me in a post that went to Huffington Post.
( and thanks to Jessica Gottlieb for emailing me while I was at the park “you are on Huffington Post!”)
Since posting about my muffin top I’ve gotten many “you are so brave” comments. Thanks, but I don’t feel that brave. I consider no surprise how I look. If I appeared in public like Kate Bosworth

and then did a video about how my guy floats around the edges of my slim jeans, than yes, that would be brave as I’m blowing the lid on my image.

I don’t have an image to blow up.

pregnant me
pregnant with Rex

I’m in my forties, I’ve had a few pregnancies, that have yielded two children. I live with a great chef and we co own restaurants with stellar food, wine and cocktails. If I became a water swilling vegan I think my marriage would be over.   I’m not going to look like Kate Bosworth. I don’t want to be “mid western fat” ( this is distinct from LA fat, which is a size 8), but I am what I am.

Now, did you see me shooting a video of me SITTING DOWN in tight jeans? That would be brave.