O You! Recap (sponsored)

My trip to Atlanta to O You! put some spring in my step, which was it’s objective. I would never even have known about this O Magazine event had the Toilet Wand gang at Clorox not asked me to go to it and give a trip away for it.

Here is what it was: A convention of Oprah fans who wanted to be inspired to improve their lives or get over a hurdle.

Pros: it was well produced, heard some good talkers: Suze Orman, Martha Beck, Donna Brazile — who knew she was so fired up? She always seems a little bored on the political shows. Dr. Oz told us all we needed sleep. I could have told him that and my face isn’t on the back of a bus. Meeting the winner of the Cool Mom contest and hearing Oprah speak live, she almost made me cry.
suze orman on stage o you 11

Cons: It was crowded. The lines for the bathroom in the morning were insanely long (fortunately I knew to beat up to the Ode to Commode where there was no line. Apparently, so did Nate Berkus because I saw him going into the men’s room there as well. By the time my seminars were done (one could pick 2 out of 3) there was no food left. The irony was not lost on me as I stood under the lunch pavillion at the empty baskets where salads and sandwiches use to be, glassy eyed attendees shoving potato chips in their mouth, as that was all that remained, save the bad cookies, while Bob Greene talked on a nearby stage to a woman who had lost over 90lbs.

“Yes, eating right is the most important part of weight loss.”  Um, Bob, yo, Bob, can we get an egg white wrap over here?

I have some choppy footage I’m going to get edited, but the uploading part is … problematic.  Also, Lori, the CM winner, is going to do a guest post.  She was the sweetest, most unjaded gal. So glad she won the trip.

I loved being in Atlanta. Great to see my long lost cousin Sue Ellen and eat Southern chow. The other night I had a great meal with my dear friends from Nashville who came down to see me. Their bourbon drinking put me under the table, but well worth it.

The overall message from Oprah in a nutshell: the past can’t hold you unless you let it. Your life needs to be about service. Your life matters. Everyone’s story matters.