potluck ransom

I love pot lucks.  I like hosting pot lucks. However,  rules must be observed.  Put your name on your stuff.  I can’t run everyone down

” did you leave the powder blue bowl?  The Winnie the pooh platter?  The silver pan?  Were you even here?”

I’m fine with hosting class parties.  I like to.  If not we end up in some gross LA city park with porta potties and bums sleeping next to the kids while they play capture the flag.  I don’t mind the set up, clean up.  We have a big backyard.  I just want people to take their shit with them when they leave.  The one night stand is over, get your crap and get out.  You never wanted to hear from that dude at the club you bedded after a few too many did you?  No, I don’t even remember his name.  But, he kept calling me “lips.”

After grilling our room teachers with the rules before our class party what happens?  One room parent has been emailing me about her serving spoon.  More than once.  I would have prefered if she had just shown up at my door and said “do you mind if I rifle through your kitchen and see if I can find over grown spork?”

She is a nice person, so I finally did hunt around for it after the last email.  I thought I would add a little drama into this potluck tension.  I sent her the following:

“Today’s newspaper let’s you know your spoon is alive as of today.  But, if you don’t follow my instructions it is in danger.”

potluck ransomeI should have told her that she needed to drop of a entrée that would feed ten if she ever wanted to see her spoon again.  No vegi platter.  No one ever eats the raw cauliflower.

But, instead this morning I handed to the other room parent and said, “your girl wants me to put this in her kid’s cubby.  I’m not even sure who her kid is let alone run her cubby.”

She got it.  “She didn’t put her name on it like you asked?  I’ll take care of it.”  Later I saw her leaving a message on her cell phone, “Hey, I’ve got your crummy spoon what do you want me to do with it?”

It’s still better we hosted.  If you leave something in the park, would it be there if you went back? Would you still want it?


Two cents Tuesday 10-12-10


Read an interview with a gal who wrote “Living Large”  a book about American’s obsession with anything big.  One line caught my eye.  The author said, Sarah Z. Wexler said, “We have to stop thinking about downsizing as a punishment.  It is a way to live well with less.”  Can someone needlepoint that?  The motto of the decade

speaking of which…

I am thinking of making a bumper sticker that says, “I MISS THE NINETIES”.  Love my husband and kids, but when I get the at social security report it shows that till 2000 I made more every year.  Then, in the zero’s the pattern was more like a heart monitor.  Ah, sweet ’90’s, we could walk up the gate to see someone off or great them.  We got to keep our shoes on in the airport.  We hadn’t started two non ending wars that have taken far too many people. Short skirts, cosmo’s and my old BMW, the ’90’s rocked.


When attending a potluck one should arrive prepared.  Best NOT to bring frozen food that has to be baked, bread that has to be cut or ask the hostess to dig around for a bowl or platter.  Just hosting and providing drinks takes more work than I had anticipated at a recent school soiree.  There is the hiding the junk in the garage, dispatching various family members for “more ice, for the love of god, more ice”, and cleaning bathrooms so we don’t look like the slobs we really are. ( big shout out to to the parents who helped clean up at the conclusion.)


Not that I don’t calm myself at night by purchasing some stuff online, but sometimes it feels good just to window show online, why?  It’s like like going to an open house for a house you know you won’t buy.  We get to briefly exit our own life and check out another option. I thought this was a middle class thing, but I recently met some high rollars who also love to go to open houses.  I think, “but you have a mansion!”  Human nature I guess.


I love Sean Penn as an actor, but I really can’t stomach support for Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. He has just liberated two more private companies. Um, did no one else take History of Latin America in college?  These take overs of companies and agrarian reform didn’t turn out so well.  Besides the encroachment on civil liberties, on a macro level it doesn’t work.  Venezuela is marching towards being North Korea with better weather. And yes, Chavez is a big, fat pig.


On the other extreme, sorry, you can’t say you don’t like government’s reach then complain if you A) don’t get your Medicare or B) a tornado hits your house and you bark about the government not stepping in to help.  Make up your mind.  I like capitalism with a government safety net.   I get looking for a reason of why we are in the dumper or a way out, but I don’t think voting for Sarah Palin’s picks is the way out of an economic downturn. Kind of like coming to a potluck and then wanting to be served.