Picture this

I just went to an art exhibit that I am still thinking about. I was asked to go because I guess I’m sort of “media”, but I never get invited to stuff that doesn’t involve donating diapers, so this was an exciting departure for me. It was at the Annenberg Space for Photography. I had been there once before and while it’s in a lovely modern space–not a room, or a studio a space mind you– it’s among these huge buildings in Century City and the parking is a little hard to figure out.

The first time I went with Rex and my mom and we I didn’t read the signs that are small and have small white lettering and we ended up coming up from the underground parking in the wrong tower and it took two different, kind workers to lead us to the correct place with our stroller.  So, be forewarned, look sharp for signs!

That aside, I did enjoy my return to trip to see Digital Darkroom. Full of artist who are using new technology in their photographs.  Think of it as Photoshop to the 100th power.  Some are just quirky.  Some I looked at having NO idea how they did them.

There was a 3-D picture of Queen Elizabeth, by Chris Levine, that had this royal watcher mesmerized.

I got to speak to one of the artist, Brook Shaden.  She is young and new and this and I bet she buys a house one day with the money she can make selling her pictures.  She is a self portraitist

Me:  “Like Cindy Sherman”

Brooke “yes, there are a lot of of us self portraistist now and they are getting more recognition.”

Hey, I guess that’s what I am!  But, without all that pesky technique.

Her pictures have a cinematic look to them and I barely recognized her in person.  She seemed tiny and like Alice in Wonderland whereas her pictures had a drama that was compelling.  She shoots several pictures and then layers them.  I frankly can’t even follow the machinations that go into all of these artist work.  It just made me feel very humbled thinking of my little video work.  Going forward next year, do to costs, I am going to be shooting more of my videos myself .  I wish I could bring a 10th of the visual brillance to my videos that I saw in these photos.

Closer to home I have a problem with one budding photog, Rex.  He loves to take pictures.  Now, since this is a digital camera he is not using up all my film, but recently I uploaded the pictures from my camera.  There were 354 pictures.  I had to then delete about 100 of them.  I could have been mindlessly surfing Facebook instead, but I wanted to get rid of the fuzzy images, the close up of my cracked, chapped lips, sideways pictures of chairs.

But, gosh darn it if that 2.10 year old boy didn’t take a few gems. Not photography show worth, but they remind me of what life looks like from Rex’s vantage point. Standing on a chair next to mom who is telling him to sit down.
rex photog
His parents. Who knew I had such asymetrical nostrils? Not me. Thanks Rex.
rex photog

Pretty sweet shot of a Christmas puppet show we went to. I like his technique of fuzzing out the audience. Jammy fingers or genius?
rex photog

Dad finally got the camera. Or rather I said, “take a picture of us. I’m always the one who takes the pictures.”
rex photog

This one I love! King Rex.