Momversation: Is An Emotional Affair Cheating?

I’m starting to realize I’m the tart mom in the Momversation line up.  I’m the one bringing up issues related to sex.  Well, that’s how we all became mom’s right? (mom’s who adopted or had IV, be quiet, I’m on a roll). I mean just because we became mom’s doesn’t mean it never crosses our minds, right.

Oops, yeah I forgot, I have yapped about my diminished libido.  Oh well.

This Momversation launches from an essay in Redbook about having an emotional affair.  I think this would be a much easier affair to slide into.  When you cross the line would be hard to know.  As opposed to checking into the Ramada as “Mr and Mrs Jones” and taking your clothes which is a clear tip off… a line has been crossed.

Have you ever been up late writing messages on Facebook to some old college flame?

Do you look forward to emails from a male friend and rush to answer them?

Or is your emotional affair with the latest issues of Sunset Magazine ? ( that would be me)

Momversation: Mom Side or Sexual Side?

Not many blogs or vlogs have done this for me, but this one did. It got me to think, “I really should masturbate.” Not to be graphic, but in doing this momversation that was the take away I came up with.  Yes, the mom self is dominant over the sexual side, but one shouldn’t lose the weaker side completely.  And do we always need a date night in order to reconnect with that self?  Cause I don’t always have the time, this way I don’t need to apply make up.

I haven’t seen most of what the other gals have said, and I never see the edited version before it’s posted, so I will be watching it with fresh eyes just like all you.

So, what are YOU more connected with, your mom self or sexual self?  And does it matter to you?

Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

Sometimes it hits you in the strangest moments. You are in mom mode, driving the kids around, putting them to bed after a eating mac and cheese out of box, and then it comes to you. A super vivid dream where you are with an old boyfriend. In my experience, they are usually very warm, the feelings that is, in the dreams. I think it’s natural to want to connect to that part of yourself that has been buried deeper than a parking space at Target.

Sunday Styles

My husband has learned that there will be a wifely wrath if he dumps the New York Times Sunday Styles section before I have read it. I usually have to wait until bedtime to savor this tasty morsel. In the Vows section…all the engagements and weddings, I’m always curious about the ages of people. Do I think they are getting married to young, is it a May September thing? It’s funny I note that more than where they are from or their profession. Although, the happy couples profession and where they are originally from, does hold some interest.

Every week what is the thing you look forward to reading that you would throw a tantrum over if someone through out?

I just wanted to let you know, we will be taking a day off Monday for Labor Day. Don’t worry, we will be back up and running with new vlogs on Tuesday. Have a great weekend.

Day-Off Smackdown

Isn’t funny how when movies and books and music depict romance they don’t cover the real particulars of relationships? For instance, who is more entitled to a day off from the kids, mom or dad?

Well, I have decided where Hollywood and literature have let us down, I will try to pick up the ball.


While I am taking aim at tag-along husbands in this one, the same could be said for good guy friends who want me to be best friends with their wives and I might not be feeling it. Although, if the two women in the relationship don’t vibe well, there probably is not much hanging out.

Take a gander and tell me if you agree.