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I think leftist political shows are usually funnier than right-wing parodies. The Daily Show versus that show on Fox for example.

But leftists as individuals can be a really humorless lot, taking themselves WAY to seriously. If anyone has seen Janeane Garofalo in the last couple of years, you know what I mean. So sometimes I think lefties need the piss taken out of them. As someone who grew up in alternative (hippie) schools, snacked on rice cakes, and still likes a swig of soy milk for comfort, I think I’m in a perfect position to do the skewering. Here is an attempt.

Political News

This makes me so sad, the sudden passing of Stephanie Tubbs- Jones. She was very gutsy out supporting Hillary Clinton in the primary, she was going to go to the Democratic convention and support Obama. Like my big, big favorite, Shelia Jackson -Lee, she stuck with Clinton even when other African American politicians fell away. In general there are not enough women in public office, what a shame to lose her, and at such a young age just 58.

In this April 10, 2006 file photo, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, ...

Wed Aug 20, 1:57 PM ET

Since we are talking politics… I’ve been spewing to anyone who will listen that Obama has lost the golden touch in the last month. As annoying as McCain’s “I will follow (Bin laden) into the gates of hell” line is, he’s gaining some steam with his sound bites. Obama has to many “um, you know, uh” long sentences. Hello, two terms of “W,” keep it simple!

My take is, Obama has already gotten all the people who are in love with him. That is how he got through the primary, but that well has been tapped. In order to win he has to get the “I Hate Bush” people. They include conservative Democrats, Moderates and even Republicans. He has to make this a referendum on Bush, not Obama. He also needs to keep running ads with McCain hugging Bush, and for God sake, get Hillary to coach him on the debates. If he wants to keep his professor thing going, fine, but get some zingers off! And be a fighter.