My Ah ha moment of 2011

I was driving to the market this afternoon , my hacking cough so rough I could barely hear the public radio station I was listening to.  I was about to hear words that CRYSTALIZED why I, and others, feel the way we do.

Why in this land of plenty with no horrible things at our feet everyone was so WORN out. Chopped up like wood chips, baked like supposed to be better for you potato chips.  No, it wasn’t just the holidays.  That’s just some more on the to do list in colder weather.

It was a conversation with Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler. ( I would link to it, if they had it handy on th station site, they did not)  A witty, design power couple.  One of them –not sure who– said the problem today was (WAIT FOR IT)


to paraphase, “it’s not enough to just do your business you also have to tweet and all that, you have to think micro and macro all the time. It inhibits creativity”. That’s everythingness.  That’s certainly the world of blogging and the world of restaurants. I’m sure a list of different professions from painter to dress shop owner.

I think, Why am I so tired?  Why does life seem harder now?  It’s everythingness.  There is no let up in the new world of ours.

Do you feel everythingness?