Turkey Time!

It’s that time again.. the best holiday where you don’t have to buy a present.  Except for a hostess present maybe.  I want to replay my take on Thanksgiving I did with Cafe Mom from when I still had a green front door ( it’s now red).


I do love this video.  It’s full of real good advice.  Some of which I have not followed this year.  I haven’t made ONE thing yet.  My table was not set days ahead.

I’m not going to go into it.. just can’t yet, but I’ve had a big loss and I’m still sorting it out.  I can’t comment till it’s been more digested.  Mark and my kids and fine and I wish you a happy holiday with your family and friends.



The week after

Yes, it was great, but I’m eager to get back to life.  Thanksgiving week was  bit different for me this year as I had lots of work.  The kind of work that means I had to sit in a chair all day with other people.  I’m only a tad better at this than my my 4 year old son.  Friday I was Fried indeed from the Thanksgiving cooking, dinner, hosting, football. We are the low rent Kennedy’s so there is always a football game.  

As you can see I bring spirit, if not talent to the game.

Friday day I needed to be sitting.  Sitting. Sitting.   In work mode.  Acting like an adult.  So, when I finally got home I was a tad pent up. The last guest remained, my old travel buddy Whitney.  (“Hey, kids who wants to see the pictures of our trip to Mexico in 2000?  No one?”) So, Whitney caught my vibe ( note: baby sitter scurry away, running toward her car, Mark seen before, ignores us).  Click here to see crazy lady dancing around the house

At least as I sat and sat last week I was with people I like who treated me with respect. I thought of friends who are treated shabbily in their work and  how soul killing that is . I’m a performer at heart, so even if the job of the day doesn’t entail a performance I need to let the monkey roar.


Preparing for Thanksgiving

Once again I’m hosting Thanksgiving.  Family from halfway across the globe will be in my house. I’m starting to get a tad nervous.

Extra wine glasses- needed

Have enough chairs? – too nervous to count

Plates?–maybe I should bite the bullet and rent this year.    Last year I did a nice series of vids with cafe mom.  One was about this very issue.  It’s time to rerun it.  As they say in hack branded videos, “What are you doing to get ready?”

How to do a Great Thanksgiving

Just in time for the holidays!  tips you can use.  My latest vid with Cafe Mom  is all about having a great thanksgiving.  We didn’t even get to my Turkey Trot Trivia with desert!

Don’t stress, here is how to have a fun Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving ’11


We were back.  Back in a house big enough to host Thanksgiving. In our home.  Or as I call it out corrective emotional experience.  It was a great day.  Sure, my friend Whitney got my car into a little accident two days before.  It wasn’t his fault and I have a rental that is clean for the next week or so.  Sure, all my house guests never used the same cup twice and I’ve never loaded the dishwasher this much, piffle!  Everyone was upbeat, fun and ready for football. Yes, the low rent Kennedys were at it again.
thanksgiving 11
Our annual football game.  We always have the strong players, my nephew, husband, brother in laws, friend Whitney.  They actually seem to know the rules and how to catch a ball.  Then there is the plucky.  My sister Cecily who doesn’t know all the rules, but can run and catch.  Then it drops down to my sister Carole and I who are like big, dumb guards.  You do not want to throw to us, but we can block and distract. Every year there are the wild cards.  More than skill we like enthusiasm.  This year we had a European player.  My sister in law’s boyfriend, Reinier,  from Holland.  A great cross cultural experience to play with a man brought up on soccer, or as his people call it, football.

After the first down Reinier said  : ” did they score?”


“so it’s our ball”

“no, they get 4 tries”

“this is the stupidest game”  It sounds even better with the Dutch accent.  That was the name we gave him as well.  “Dutch”.

“Dutch, you hike the ball”

“to what, where?”

It was hard to explain to him the ins and outs of football as I really don’t get it either. There is Dutch holding the ball.

Vivien and her friend Gracie played, but when my brother in law Kevin decided to make Vivien the running back she left the field in tears.  Great idea QB, little rough for the 6 year old.  Everyone charging at her.
thanksgiving 11
 She stayed with her Aunt Leslie after that and cheered us on.
thanksgiving 11
 Gracie was also promoted by Kevin.  Great idea.  She left bewildered and with a small cut on her hand.  Which was also a bummer because we lost her father “Neighbor Bob” who could actually play.

Brogdon girls are not known for athleticism as this photo certainly bears out.  But, we have the aforementioned needed enthusiasm.
thanksgiving 11
We played at a nearby park and towards the end two large brothers asked if they could play.  They were drafted immediately.  My team had Roman.  Sadly, they came to late.  The other team scored and the final score 2-1  ( how we score it)

“Wish you guys had come sooner.” we told the brothers. Don’t know why they didn’t want to pose with us in our final shot. Probably had had enough of this rag tag crew.

thanksgiving 11

Mark really dove for a ball at the end and got a little scraped up. Wolverine, I mean Whitney, tries to help him out here.
thanksgiving 11

Later Dutch mentioned he was surprised that Mark played only three weeks after his hernia surgery. It shows my Minnesota roots that that didn’t even occur to me. Of course he had to play football!

We head home and change into our dinner clothes.  Serve apps and the losing QB redeems himself with martini making.  I made a good savory tart, goat cheese, carmelized onion.  Cecily made one with nuts and cranberries.  Then we have dinner, go around the table for everyones list of gratitude and at desert I break out my annual “Turkey Trot Trivia” contest.

By the way, the turkey was from Campanile and was brined for days.  Mark was up at 4am for three days preparing thanksgiving dinner for over 700 people at the restaurant ( and a few carry outs like myself)

Rex was fussing, but I forged ahead as I still wanted to put the camera on the tripod and get a picture of us all.  Then we did the funny poses.
“okay, kung fu”
“okay, fake family portrait”

Poor Rexy, I finally put him down to bed and he had a little fever.  He had just gotten a cold.  Maybe it’s the time of the year for that or maybe his crazy distracted mom and family upset him.  I did worry a bit.

Though now he is better and I am congested and feel like my eyes are bleeding, so guess it was just a cold.

We do have so much to be grateful for.

Jump for joy.
thanksgiving 11

Thanksgiving Doesn’t Suck as Bad as Christmas

Well, it’s true right? First off there is no gift giving. Also, when something is heavy on your heart, a break up, illness in the family, robbed of life savings, it always seems to feel heavier on Christmas. I always felt less is expected of me on Thanksgiving. Bake and eat and drink.

Last year was my favorite Thanksgiving ever. Here I am having a gay old time. We were in my dream house, and for the first time in my life I could play grown up. I had a big house and the means to host the dinner. I was expecting Rex, surrounded by friends and family, and very happy.  Content.

Well, now, my sister Carole is hosting again as she has the biggest house. But everyone is fine, so I can’t complain. It’s one day. Not a whole season with Christmas and its build up. But I did like when I was (for once) not the guest on Thanksgiving.

We’ll still play football before the dinner, and I will again host Turkey Trot Trivia, a game I have long played as dessert is consumed. I’m a game person and highly suggest a game for a mix of people. It’s bonding, and if you have people of different views it can be a nice way to channel discussion away from controversy and into American trivia. I have tchotkes for prizes.

Do you like Thanksgiving better or worse than Christmas or Hanukkah? Is it harder this year? Do you have any quirky traditions?

We always go around the table and say something we are grateful for. Other than the obvious being good health, I still maintain we should all be grateful for modern plumbing.