A tale of two remotes

The age old question, where is the remote?  Eventually we all find it, behind a cushion, under the sofa, out back in some mud.  But, last week we gave up.  This time the remote had had enough of our abuse, dropping, buttery fingers and put a nap sack over it’s shoulders and hit the rails.

We have a 2 story house.  One big TV upstairs, one down stairs.  The days of my kids watching the same thing are rare.  But, not such a big deal because between homework, after school stuff and the random laptop we got by.  Until today….

Both kids home sick.  Vivien upstairs, Rex downstairs.  After I made the jell-o ( Cherry only and non of that sugar free yucky stuff) I got my exercise in as I shuttled the ONE remote up and down.  “My show is done, I need the remote Rex” Vivien called.

Up I went, Down I went

“I don’t like this show” Rex said.  Up I went, down I went.

Cody is overjoyed to greet the new remote

Then the mail came.  Today’s Daphne thanked Daphne of last week.  Because I ordered a replacement remote!  It had arrived.  Batteries in.  Now, I’m just sitting on my tushy till I’m called for the next round of jell-o

Friday Funny

One of my most viewed videos I’ve ever done spoofed the “dress to mask your flaws” genre.  I celebrated my muffin top.  Since the close of Campanile I cook a lot more, so when my friend saw these little bake tins of course she thought of me!!  Genius!!  They are even denim like!

muffin tops For a trip down tummy memory lane:


Getting ready for Easter.  Mark and I are hosting my family.  We are planning the main course, so my sister said “I’ll bring a coconut cake.”

Me:  Great.  But, can you get something else too because like your husband my kids don’t like coconut.

Her:  Yes, But, I don’t get this not liking coconut.  It’s Easter.  Christ rose again with a coconut cake in his arms.

That joke carried me for hours yesterday.  It reminded me of a sight gag I did at Christmas.  On Christmas eve I ran into the 99 cent store because though I had planned ahead I was just a smidge short of wrapping paper.  The Christmas section was so picked over it was like a bomb had gone off.  I picked the ugliest paper, all that was left, and saw an empty nativity scene.  Like looters had taken the Holy family, the wise men, the donkey and only left the manger.  That gave me an idea.  So I put this on my mantle.return of christ

I lampooned the concept of working from home.  We all want to do it, but does it really make sense?  Lots of behind the scenes comedy.  Today I was on a business call and taking notes.  The caller had no idea where I was writing down these important notes.
working from home


Happy Friday



How to be a mom blogger : with Heather Spohr


I love me some Heather Spohr of Spohr’s are multiplying fame.  Aside from being a dear person who I have sought counsel from before, she is an established mom blogger.  She has been at this a long time and I wanted to ask her about something I had been struggling with in this being-creative-working-at-home thing. One of the most unexpected bonuses of entering this blog/vlog world has been the friendships I have made with other woman.  Often first knowing them online before knowing them in the flesh.

We met mid day between our two homes on a lovely sunny day.  Our studio for this shoot was my Lexis hybrid.  I had forgotten the clamp so I couldn’t use my camera light–ugh.. so my crows feet will be readily featured. It would have been very dark had Heather not said, “open up the sun roof”.  Smart!  Not Oprah lighting, but this is guerilla vlogging.

Where else can two mom’s talk without being interrupted but a car anyway?  Well, unless I got side by side toilets and lock on the door!